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Dune Control

General Information

Dune Control is a new mobile application for iOS and Android mobile devices for remote control of Dune HD media players.


Dune Control has the following main features:

Supported Models and Firmware Versions

Full functionality (including Navigator and Now Playing) is available only on the latest generation of Dune HD media player models (starting with Dune HD Neo 4K), and only when using the latest firmware version (190330_0254_r13 or newer).

Limited functionality (Remote only) is available on all Dune HD media player models with all firmware versions.

How To Install

iOS devices:

Android devices:

Change Log

Update 3 (190328_2127.apk, firmware version 190330_0254_r13) (the first official version):

Update 2 (190301_1357.apk, firmware version 190301_1357_r13) (alpha version):

Update 1 (190211_1700.apk, firmware version 190210_0252_r13) (alpha version):


You can send your bug reports and suggestions to the following email address:
support _at_ dune-hd.com

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for Dune Control application is available here.