Dune HD Players Has "Made Friends" with iPhone/iPad Back

The Dune HD GmbH company has reported about the first application which allows to fully control Dune HD players with Apple mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. This application named Dune Remote has been developed by the Ukrainian company UkrHD and is available for downloading at Apple Store . And, remarkably, it is absolutely free.


It should be noted that player control with Dune Remote is based on commands sent via TCP/IP, and this means that your iPhone or iPad, as well as the Dune HD player, should be connected to the home network.

At the moment of publication of this news the publicly available versions of Dune HD player firmware do not support controlling via this protocol. Such support will be fully integrated into players in the nearest future. Anyway, for all who wants to get aquainted with Dune Remote now, there is a special test version of the firmware available for download at the official manufacturer's site: http://dune-hd.com/firmware/ip_control/