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High performance Dune HD Connect makes existing TVs smart through media streaming and Wi-Fi connectivity


IFA, Berlin, DATE 2012: As part of its continuing innovation, Dune HD today announced the Dune HD Connect, the world’s smallest Full HD media player. Designed to convert existing dumb screens into Smart TVs, the Dune HD Connect comes in a compact stick format that simply plugs into your TV’s Digital A/V output socket to enable movies, TV and other content to be streamed from home networks or the internet through its built-in Wi-Fi. The options of cable or terrestrial digital TV tuners further increase the content choices.

Inside compact packaging, the Dune HD Connect shares the same features as the market-leading Dune HD range of media players. As a result, it will play the widest number of digital media formats from networked files or IPTV/VoD/OTT applications in superior quality Full 1080p HD video and audio. An enhanced variant, the Dune HD Connect 3D, also includes full 3D video support, Digital A/V output 1.4 and MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) output. Both versions have the option of Z-Wave connectivity for home automation applications.

With a micro SD slot and a USB port, the Dune HD Connect can also be directly connected to local content, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a powerful, cost-effective and simple-to-use method of viewing media content on their existing TVs. Its compact size means it can fit into the smallest spaces, avoiding the need for additional boxes alongside TVs and other components. For those TVs without Digital A/V output slots, a special adapter will connect to analogue AV ports in order to provide access to streamed and local content.

The Dune HD Connect and Connect 3D are being shown and demonstrated at the IFA Show in Berlin (31 August-5 September), on Stand 137, Hall 3. As part of activities at IFA, Dune HD will showcase an extensive range of new products, which feature faster performance and full 3D support to deliver the richest user experience. These include:
Dune HD TV-102 and TV-103D – replacing the award-winning Dune HD TV-101, these compact sized hybrid universal media players have an updated chipset, and, in the case of the TV-103D, full 3D support
Dune HD TV-202 and TV-203D – a fully featured hybrid universal media player, including two USB ports and an SD card for easy access to content, along with 3D capabilities in the 203D
Dune HD TV-402 and TV-403D – a high performance hybrid universal media player box with twin tuners, hard drive bay and now 3D support in the TV-403D
Dune HD Max 3D – a new 3D version of Dune HD’s top of the range Max universal media player, which includes a built-in Blu-ray player to access the widest possible range of file formats

Over the course of the last five years, Dune HD has built a world-leading position in home media players and set-top boxes. With its expertise in multiple-format media and streaming, Dune is perfectly placed to take advantage of the boom in IP-based content delivery

“The new Dune HD Connect and Connect 3D are the perfect solution for consumers that want to turn their existing screens into Smart TVs, making it simple for them to enjoy the widest range of content in their living rooms,” said Konstantin Dyshlevoy, CEO, Dune HD. “As the world’s smallest Full HD media players, the Dune HD Connect range shows the innovation that goes into all of our products, which can be seen in our newly extended line-up of media players that add 3D support and faster performance.”

Dune HD products are available from a network of retailers across the world, with the new range shipping by the end of 2012. Pricing will be announced by local stockists.

About Dune HD

Dune HD is recognised as a global leader in universal digital media players. Over the last five years Dune HD has received more awards than any other company in the category for delivering the very best in universal digital media players. Dune HD products support the widest number of digital formats in use today, from Internet-based digital streaming and download, to disc based formats such as Blu-ray and DVD. The Dune HD line of media players offers superior quality HD video and audio with support for IPTV, VOD, OTT, networked digital files and interactive services. Dune HD has sold over half a million products to consumers in more than 60 countries. More information on Dune HD is online at www.dune-hd.com.

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