Dune HD Max

This firmware packages consists of files which are distributed under different license terms, in particular under Dune HD proprietary license or under any Open Source License (namely GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License or FreeBSD License). For further details see file "license.txt" (license.txt) The source code of those files distributed as Open Source are available on written request to info@dune-hd.com or can be downloaded here: http://files.dune-hd.com/firmware/gpl/dunehd_gpl_source_code.tgz

Dune HD grants the non-exclusive right to personally use this firmware package which is delivered in object code format only. Licensee shall only be entitled to make a copy exclusively reserved for personal backup purposes (backup copy). Dune HD reserves all intellectual property rights except as expressly granted herein. Without the prior written approval of Dune HD and except to the extent as may be expressly authorised under mandatory law, this firmware package in particular

- shall not be copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available
- shall not be modified, disassembled, reverse engineered, decompiled or otherwise "be opened" in whole or in part, and insofar shall not be copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available.

Version "170519_1353_r11" (stable version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_170519_1353_r11.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 170519_1351_r11:

This firmware includes fixes for regressions found in the new r11 firmware
versions (170519_1350_r11 and 170519_1351_r11) in comparison with the
previous b9 firmware, and fixes for some other issues.

- Improvement: when starting DVD playback, if shell_ext plugin is required
  for DVD playback but is not installed, the system automatically proposes
  to install shell_ext plugin (and to initialize system storage, if

- Improvement: added correct support for adding plugin entry point to
  "Favorites" even if plugin has multiple entry points, and even if entry
  point is on the main screen. So it is now possible to easily add for
  example "My Collection" or "Movies" to Favorites (and enable auto start
  for them, if needed).

- Improvement: TTF font setting is now "Regular" by default instead of
  "Light", to make text more readable on Movie screen and similiar screens.
  This change takes effect after settings reset or when installing r11
  firmware over b9 firmware.

- Bugfix: HDD formatting did not work in some cases on the following
  models: Dune HD Max, Dune HD Duo, Dune HD Smart D1/H1/B1, Dune HD Prime
  3.0, Dune HD Base 3.0

- Bugfix: in some cases Recent main menu item was not included into the
  "Dune Plus" subscription.

- Bugfix: wrong PIDs were saved for plugins.

- Some other minor improvements/fixes.

Version "170519_1351_r11" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_170519_1351_r11.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 170519_1350_r11:

This firmware includes fixes for various regressions found in the new r11
firmware (170519_1350_r11) in comparison with the previous b9 firmware, and
fixes for some other issues.

- Bugfix: ZOOM function did not work in some cases.

- Bugfix: My Collection, Movies, Music did not work on some player models
  (tv303d2 and base3d2).

- Bugfix: DVB-C did not work on models with DVB-C tuner.

- Bugfix: HDMI audio output did not work properly in some specific cases.

- Bugfix: Verimatrix IPTV DRM did not work in some cases on models with
  Verimatrix IPTV DRM support.

- Bugfix: DVB icons loading/updating did not work in some cases.

- Bugfix: High bitrate HD IPTV channels were stuttering in some cases (when
  lower_cpu_load media_url parameter was used).

- Bugfix: Zapping between IPTV channels could be slightly slower than
  expected in some cases (ss_for_http_ts media_url parameter did not work

- Bugfix: Stopping playback of TV channel in Kartina.TV application could
  be slightly slower than expected in some cases.

- Bugfix: Screen did not darken properly when EPG OSD was shown.

- Bugfix: When playing DVB radio streams, "average bitrate" line was
  wrongly shown in INFO OSD.

- Some other minor internal fixes.

Version "170519_1350_r11" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_170519_1350_r11.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 150721_0135_b9:

This is a huge firmware update for old/dicontinuted Dune HD media player
models based on old MIPS Sigma Designs chips.

   - This new firmware is based on the same new codebase branch (r11) which
     is used in the latest Dune HD media player models based on the new ARM
     Sigma Design chips.

   - This new firmware includes several thousands of various changes,
     fixes, improvements and new changes, which were previously implemented
     during the development of the firmware for the new models.

   - In particular, this new firmware includes the following new big
     features, previously available only on the new Dune HD models: My
     Collection, Movies catalog, Music catalog.

The new firmware introduces the concept of "Dune Plus" subscription.

   - To use some new functions of the new firmware (currently: My
     Collection, Movies catalog, Music catalog), a paid subscription to
     "Dune Plus" premium function is required.

   - Initially, a promo period takes place and "Dune Plus" premium function
     is available for all users for free. After the promo period ends, a
     paid subscription will be required (with some limited trial period
     still available for free). The current status of "Dune Plus"
     subscription can be seen in the new menu "Setup / Premium Functions".

   - In this firmware version, the subscription to "Dune Plus" premium
     functions is required to use the following features: My Collection,
     Movies catalog, Music catalog. The set of features covered by "Dune
     Plus" subscription may be extended/changed in future (it is a subject
     to change without notice).

   - In other words: "Dune Plus" subscription allows the owners of
     old/discontinued Dune HD media player models to upgrade their players
     to get access to features originally available only on the newer
     player models.

The new firmware is supported for all old/discontinued Dune HD media player
models which have 512MB+ RAM.

   - This includes the following models:
      - Dune HD Base 3D
      - Dune HD Base 3D v2
      - Dune HD TV-303D
      - Dune HD TV-303D v2
      - Dune HD TV-102
      - Dune HD TV-102 v2
      - Dune HD Connect
      - Dune HD Max
      - Dune HD Duo
      - Dune HD Smart D1
      - Dune HD Smart H1
      - Dune HD Smart B1
      - Dune HD Prime 3.0
      - Dune HD Base 3.0

   - The models with 256MB RAM (Lite 53D, TV-101, TV-301, TV-102p) are not
     supported by the new firmware.

The new firmware may require System Storage to get access to some new

   - System Storage (e.g. 2GB+ USB flash drive attached to any USB port)
     may be required to install additional software components when using
     players which do not have enough internal flash memoty or which do not
     have enough free space in the internal flash memory.

   - When System Storage is needed, the player will automatically inform
     about it and will suggest installing the System Storage.

Version "150721_0135_b9"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_150721_0135_b9.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 150404_0032_b9:

- Bugfix: Weather widget could show wrong temperature in some cases.

- Bugfix: After returning from playback to a folder with GUI customization
  (using dune_folder.txt), in specific cases, a wrong GUI state could be

- Bugfix: In some rare cases, when when playing a MPEG-TS stream from
  multicast or DVB source, playback could crash.

- Bugfix: In specific cases, when switching between different MPEG-TS
  streams for a long time, playback could crash.

- Bugfix: For models with DVB-C tuner: DVB-C default modulation mode was
  set to incorrect value.

- Bugfix: For base3d2 and tv303d2 models: stability problems could take
  place in some cases.

- Bugfix: SDK: when creating too many scheduled recordings, the application
  could crash in some cases.

- Bugfix: SDK: in HTML applications, an attempt to modify the callback
  function from JS callback handler could lead to application hangup.

Version "150404_0032_b9" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_150404_0032_b9.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 150227_0032_b9:

- The function of formatting a HDD into NTFS filesystem now does not have
  HDD capacity limitations and can be used with huge HDDs.

- When a HDD with an EFI system partition is attached, the EFI system
  partition is now not shown in the GUI.

- SDK: added new firmware customization possibility: custom firmware may now
  use a custom value of signer_id for signed plugins. See more information
  in SDK documentation.

- Bugfix: AC3 or DTS audio could be played wrongly in specific rare cases.

- Bugfix: Custom folders based on dune_folder.txt mechanism could be
  rendered in a wrong way in specific cases, when an old behavior of
  dune_folder.txt mechanism was expected.

- Bugfix: PHP plugins: FWD and REW RC buttons did not work as expected in
  some cases.

- Bugfix: GUI could crash in some specific rare cases when icon archive
  feature was used.

- Bugfix: when playing very high-bitrate lossless audio files (FLAC,
  Wavpack) from an SMB network share, stuttering could take place in some

- Bugfix: playback of MPEG-TS stream containing a lot of errors could lead
  to playback crash in some rare specific cases.

- Added new "adaptive+" deinterlacing mode, which should work better than
  the old "adaptive" mode on specific video content.

- Bugfix: when playing a media_url with "dune_params" extra parameters,
  playback recovering from a network fault could be handled wrongly in some

- Bugfix: when playing HLS (and some other MPEG-TS based) content, audio
  track switching could work wrongly in some cases.

- Bugfix: for models which do not support full power-off: a request to do
  power-off could be handled wrongly in some cases.

- Hungarian UI translation updated.

Version "150227_0032_b9"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_150227_0032_b9.dff  (ZIP)

Version "140827_0132_b9"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_140827_0132_b9.dff  (ZIP)

Version "140610_0131_b8"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_140610_0131_b8.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 140425_0132_b8:

- Subtitles are now supported during plugin playback.

- Internal improvements in plugins upgrade mechanism.

- HLS playback bugfixes:
   - Playlists with blank lines in the beginning were processed
   - Sometimes HLS playback could crash because of too long URLs.

- Bugfix: switching deinterlacing mode during DVD playback did not work.

- Bugfix: in some cases scanning DVB-T with multiple bandwidths failed with
  GUI error.

- Rutube application is removed from the set of preinstalled applications.

Version "140425_0132_b8" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_140425_0132_b8.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 140223_0133_b8:

- Internal improvements in plugins upgrade mechanism.

- Updated Videomore preinstalled application (Russian language only).

- HLS playback improvements.

- Bugfix: recording could crash in some rare cases.

Version "140223_0133_b8" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_140223_0133_b8.dff  (ZIP)

Version "140223_0132_b6"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_140223_0132_b6.dff  (ZIP)

Version "131224_0132_b8" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_131224_0132_b8.dff  (ZIP)

Version "131213_0131_b6"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_131213_0131_b6.dff  (ZIP)

Version "130515_2104_b6"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_130515_2104_b6.dff  (ZIP)

Version "121018_0846"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_121018_0846.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 120815_2150:

- NOTE: This is a minor update to 120815_2151. 

- Dune HD TV models: Bugfix: Vidimax application could report "error 7" in
  some cases during playback.

- Bugfix: fixed problem with the playback of certain MMS URLs (the problem
  appeared in the firmware version 120608_1420_beta).

- Bugfix: playback of MPEG-TS streams w/o audio and with temporary audio
  dropouts could cause problems. (This includes playback of multicast, HLS,
  DVB MPEG-TS streams.)

- Bugfix: playback of media content via HTTP protocol could cause hangup in
  some cases (e.g. when the server did not respond).

- HLS playback improvements:
   - By default, the initial quality is now chosen based on the previous
     statistics (remembered till reboot).
   - Various performance and stability improvements.
   - Bugfix: too long HLS URLs were refused to play.

- media_url: 'hls_initial_bandwidth' parameter extended with new possible
  values: 'auto' and 'auto_high'.
   - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/misc/media_url.txt

- Improvements in API for PHP plugins:
   - Default PHP plugin operation timeout increased to 60 seconds.
   - Bugfix: PHP plugin operation was handled in wrong way in some cases.
   - Bugfix: EPG OSD column had wrong title in some cases.

- Dune HD TV models: Improvements in API for HTML+JS applications:
   - Bugfix: when playing HLS stream, read error events could be wrongly
     generated even in the absence of any errors.

Version "120815_2150"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_120815_2150.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 120608_1420_beta:

- Improvements for DVB-T: some fixes for Hungarian DVB-T; updated DVB-T
  tables for some other countries.

- Updated UI translations for some languages (chinese, estonian, hebrew,
  hungarian, italian, swedish).

- Added showing of software license information on the first player boot.

- media_url: added 'deint_mode' parameter for playback URLs (possible
  values: 'off', 'adaptive', 'bob').
   - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/misc/media_url.txt

- Added immediate visual feedback when the player handles standby or
  power-off request: the LED on the front panel blinks once.

- Some minor fixes in the PHP plugin mechanism (note: no changes in API).

- Bugfix: framerate detection could work wrongly for MP4 content in some

- Bugfix: 'rutube' application could not work in some cases.

- Bugfix: when using old RC without "REC" button, it was impossible to
  start recording of IPTV stream (the problem appeared in previous firmware

- Bugfix: dynamic range control feature worked wrongly when playing files
  with TrueHD audio tracks.

- Bugfix: HLS streams could start very slowly in some specific cases
  (MPEG-TS with specific PMT).

- Bugfix: playback of RTSP streams could cause problems with subsequent
  playback of MPEG-TS content.

- Bugfix: pause function could cause crash in some cases.

- Bugfix: playback of MKA files could cause crash in some cases.

- Bugfix: some keys on Dune HD Qwerty keyboard did not work in some cases.

- Bugfix: when entering IP address, the use of leading '0' caused the
  entered number to be treated as octal number rather than decimal.

Version "120608_1420_beta" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_120608_1420_beta.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 120531_2200_beta:

NOTE: This firmware version does not include the new application
archtiecture introduced in 120531_2201_beta. The equivalent firmware
version with the new application architecture is 120608_1421_beta.

- media_url: added 'osd_size' parameter for www:// URLs.
   - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/misc/media_url.txt

- Bugfix: playback of some MP4 content could cause crash.

- Bugfix: when playing MP4 files, exiting trickplay modes (e.g. fast
  forward) could work wrongly.

- Bugfix: GUI skin switching using "B" RC button could work wrongly in some

- Some minor fixes in the PHP plugin mechanism (note: no changes in API).

- Other minor fixes.

Version "120531_2200_beta" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_120531_2200_beta.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 120329_2012:

NOTE: This firmware version has a lot of changes, is not well tested, and
some things may be broken. If something does not work for you, please
rollback to 120329_2012 version.

* Added a set of preinstalled applications.

   - Facebook.
   - Twitter.
   - AccuWeather.
   - YouTube.
   - RuTube (Russian language only).
   - Videomore (Russian language only).
   - TV Rain (Russian language only).
   - Horoscope (Russian language only).
   - RIA news (Russian language only).
   - Poverhnost TV (Russian language only).
   - Megogo (for Russia, Ukraine and other ex-USSR countries only).
   - Videoprobki.ua (for Ukraine only).
   - video.bigmir.net (for Ukraine only).
   - Games: chess, four, sudoku, memory, tetris (Russian language only),
     snake (Russian language only).

* Web browser improvements.

   - A new version of web browser engine is used.
   - Browser performance slightly improved.
   - Dune HD TV-101 and TV-301: Spatial navigation support is added:
     navigate through the elements of the web page using LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN
     RC buttons.
   - Some other improvements and fixes.

* DVB-T improvements.

   - TV OSD is now used during DVB-T playback.
   - Added EPG showing.
   - Added support for DVB-T channels icons.
   - DVB-T buffering and channel switching improvements.

* UI improvements.

   - Text fields in the main menu do not require any more to press ENTER to
     edit the text: text fields are now always "active" and the text can be
     edited immediately.
   - RC button "D" in text fields in the main menu can be used to show the
     on-screen virtual keyboard. Currently, only English and Russian
     languages are supported.
   - Animation added in some places where it was missed previously.
   - TV OSD improvements:
      - ENTER on TV channel which is already played just closes the OSD and
        does not restart the playback.
      - Navigating to a different TV channel resets the EPG panel to today.

* Playback improvements.

   - Added support for HLS protocol for streaming media content. Adaptive
     bitrate is supported. VOD and Live TV/radio modes are supported. AES
     encryption is supported.
      - media_url syntax: http://{host}[:{port}][/{path}].m3u8[?{args}]
      - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/misc/media_url.txt

   - Added support for RTSP protocol for streaming media content. Only MPEG-TS
     streams are supported. RTSP+RTP and RTSP-over-TCP modes are supported.
     VOD and Live TV/radio modes are supported.
      - media_url syntax: rtsp://{host}[:{port}][/{path}]
      - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/misc/media_url.txt

   - Improved multicast IPTV playback support.
      - Faster playback startup and faster switch between multicast IPTV
      - Fixed problems which took place sometimes when the user attempted
        to switch between IPTV channels too quickly.
      - Improved errors detection and handling.
      - Added possibility to pause/resume the playback (with picture
      - Added support for DVB subtitles.
      - Added support for teletext passthrough (works with some TV models).

   - Improved support for playback of MP4 files via HTTP protocol.
      - Autoframerate enabled also for MP4 files played via HTTP protocol
        using "http://mp4://" media_url syntax.
      - Optimized playback of MP4 files via HTTP protocols w/o the use of
        "http://mp4://" media_url syntax.

   - Improved support for playback of HTTP/TS streams.

   - Performance of playback from SMB shares improved on SMP8670 platform
     (Dune HD TV-101 and TV-301 models). Now the SMB performance with Dune
     HD TV-101 should be approximately the same as with Dune HD Smart and
     Max/Duo models.

* Various new features for application development.

   - dune_folder.txt extensions and improvements:
      - New parameters:
         - paint_details_box_background = yes|no
         - help_line_text_color = N
         - item_detailed_info_title_color = N
         - item_detailed_info_text_color = N
         - item_caption_color = N
         - item_sandwich_icon_scale_factor = N.N
      - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/misc/dune_folder_howto.txt

   - Added a possibility to specify various playback options in media_url
     using "|||dune_params|||" syntax.
      - Supported options:
         - rtsp_tcp:0|1
         - rtsp_seek_via_reopen:0|1
         - protocol:hls
         - hls_initial_bandwidth:low|high
         - hls_key_url_add_query:{string}
         - enable_seek:0|1
         - buffering_ms:1..60000
      - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/misc/media_url.txt

   - Added a possibility to launch web browser using a special media_url
      - media_url syntax: www://{HTTP-or-file-URL}[:::{parameters}]
      - Supported parameters:
         - fullscreen=0|1
         - webapp_keys=0|1
         - zoom_level={N}
         - overscan={N}
         - user_agent={string}
         - background_color={color}
      - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/misc/media_url.txt

   - Dune IP Control API extensions and improvements:
      - New IP Control commands:
         - start_playlist_playback
         - launch_media_url
         - get_text
         - set_text
      - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/ip_control

   - Dune FlashLite API extensions and improvements:
      - Added support for HTTPS.
      - Improved support for USB keyboards.
      - New API operations:
         - requestPlaylistPlaybackOnExit
         - requestPlaylistPlaybackOnExitWithReturn
         - requestDVDPlayerOnExit
         - requestDVDPlayerOnExitWithReturn
         - requestBlurayPlayerOnExit
         - requestBlurayPlayerOnExitWithReturn
      - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/flash

   - Dune PHP Plugins API extensions and improvements:
      - New GUI actions:
         - file_play
         - dvd_play
         - bluray_play
         - playlist_play
         - launch_media_url
         - change_behavior
         - show_black_screen
         - show_main_screen
      - New GUI events:
         - timer
         - playback_stop
      - New properties in existing data structures:
         - GuiAction::params
         - PluginInvalidateFoldersActionData::details
         - PluginInvalidateFoldersActionData::rate_details
         - PluginMovieFolderView::left_button_caption
         - PluginMovieFolderView::left_button_action
         - PluginMovieFolderView::params
         - PluginRegularFolderView::timer
         - PluginTvInfo::epg_mode
         - PluginVodInfo::initial_position_ms
         - PluginVodInfo::advert_mode
         - PluginVodInfo::actions
         - PluginVodInfo::timer
         - ShowDialogActionData::actions
         - ShowDialogActionData::timer
         - ShowDialogActionData::max_height
         - ShowDialogActionData::initial_sel_ndx
         - ViewItemParams::item_caption_color
         - ViewItemParams::item_sandwich_icon_scale_factor
         - ViewParams::paint_details_box_background
         - ViewParams::help_line_text_color
         - ViewParams::item_detailed_info_title_color
         - ViewParams::item_detailed_info_text_color
      - New data structures and their properties:
         - BlurayPlayActionData::url
         - ChangeBehaviourActionData::actions
         - ChangeBehaviourActionData::timer
         - ChangeBehaviourActionData::post_action
         - DvdPlayActionData::url
         - FilePlayActionData::url
         - GuiTimerDef::delay_ms
         - LaunchMediaUrlActionData::url
         - LaunchMediaUrlActionData::post_action
         - PlaylistPlayActionData::url
         - PlaylistPlayActionData::start_index
         - PluginFolderViewParams::paint_path_box
         - PluginFolderViewParams::paint_content_box_background
         - PluginFolderViewParams::background_url
         - PluginVodPlayActionData::vod_info
         - ShowBlackScreenActionData::post_action
         - ShowMainScreenActionData::post_action
      - New features related to plugin file structure:
         - {plugin_install_dir}/bin/
            - The player automatically sets executable permissions on all
              files in this directory during plugin installation.
         - {plugin_install_dir}/www/{path}
            - The player automatically makes these files accessible via
              HTTP (locally inside the player, and from the local network):
               - http://localhost-or-dune-ip-address/plugins/{plugin_name}/{path}
         - {plugin_install_dir}/www/cgi-bin/{path}
            - The player automatically makes these CGI applications
              accessible via HTTP (locally inside the player, and from the
              local network):
               - http://localhost-or-dune-ip-address/cgi-bin/plugins/{plugin_name}/{path}
      - Other new features:
         - Ability to package FlashLite application into plugin and launch
           it when the user enters plugin entry point, or when PHP plugin
           code decides to call it. Supported via the new "launch_media_url"
         - Ability to package HTML page/application into plugin and launch
           it in web browser when the user enters plugin entry point, or
           when PHP plugin decides to call it. Supported via the new
           "launch_media_url" action.
         - If the plugin is pure FlashLite or HTML application and does not
           need to execute any PHP code, "plain" plugin type can be
           specified in plugin manifest instead of "php"; in this case,
           there is no need to include PHP program into the plugin and
           specify "program" parameter in plugin manifest.
      - More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/plugins

* Other minor changes.

   - The set of preinstalled UI skins slightly reduced to free some flash
     memory for new firmware functions and applications.
   - DHCP client sends the information about player model and firmware
     version to DHCP server using DHCP vendor specific options.
   - Various other minor fixes and improvements.

Version "120329_2012"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_120329_2012.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 120202_1544_beta:

NOTE: This is a minor update to 120202_1544_beta. 

* Initial video mode setup wizard improvements: EDID information from TV
  is now taken into account to automatically suggest the optimal HDMI mode.
  Default mode is NTSC instead of PAL.

* Minor improvements related to the support for big and small Dune remote
  controls in different Dune HD models.

* Bugfix: false IR signals were detected in some cases.

* Bugfix: playback of files from some huge (>2TB) HDD models did not

* Bugfix: formatting HDD partition did not assign proper filesystem type
  in some cases.

* Minor other improvements and fixes.

Version "120202_1544_beta" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_120202_1544_beta.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 120127_2115:

NOTE: Includes also all changes from 120127_2115 (see below).

* Added "Soft Reset" function:
   - Now the "Reset Settings" function proposes two choices: full reset to
     factory defaults (the same as took place in previous firmware
     versions), and so called "soft reset".
   - The soft reset clears the settings only partially and is more
     convenient in cases when the user does not need full factory reset.
   - The following things are cleared by the soft reset:
      - All settings from Setup menu.
      - All plugins settings.
      - All cached data and data stored by the player for its own needs.
      - All bookmarks (remembered playback positions).
   - The following things (which may be hard to reconfigure from the
     scratch) are kept by the soft reset:
      - All configured network folders.
      - All favorites configured in the main menu.
      - All installed plugins.

* Improvements for the users of big remote controls:

   - Added the setting allowing to choose the behavior POP UP MENU RC
     button: toggle playlist/TV menu (as took place in previous firmware
     versions), or toggle the new functions menu (introduced in the latest
     firmware version) (this is the default behavior). The old behavior
     (toggle playlist/TV menu) can be convenient for the users used to it.
     Enabling the old behavior makes the functions menu unavailable (and
     thus it may be reasonable only for users of big remote controls, which
     have dedicated buttons allowing to trigger various playback functions
     w/o the need to use the functions menu). The setting: 'Playback /
     Preferences / POP UP MENU button'.

   - On the models which are shipped by default with big remote control,
     LEFT/RIGHT RC buttons during playback now trigger the time seek
     function (as took place in previous firmware versions), rather then
     the volume function (as was introduced in the latest firmware verion).

* Tvigle.ru application improvements:
   - Added setting allowing to manually control if the application is shown
     or not on the main screen: 'Setup / Applications / Tvigle / Shown on
     the main screen'.

* Kartina.TV application removed from the set of preinstalled applications
  by demand of the Kartina.TV company.

* Minor other improvements and fixes.

NOTE: Includes also all changes from 120127_2115 (see below).

Version "111122_0159_beta" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_111122_0159_beta.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 110923_1710:

NOTE: Includes also all changes from 110923_1710 (see below).

* Playback improvements:

   - Bugfix: POWER RC button did not work correctly during Blu-ray Lite

   - Bugfix: time-seeks in AVI files muxed with OpenDML structure were very
     slow when playing from network.

* Various fixes and improvements.

   - A new boot splash picture.

   - Minor improvements and fixes for Kartina.TV and Tvigle applications.

   - Minor improvements and fixes for GUI skins handling.

   - Minor fixes for some recently introduced features and changes in
     dune_folder.txt mechanism and related functionality.

   - DHCP support improvement: "client id" sent by the player to DHCP server
     is reverted back from a non-standard value (introduced in the previous
     firmware version) to the standard value (0x01 followed by MAC-address).

   - Bugfix: WiFi scan produced no results in some cases. Also, added a button
     allowing to easily restart WiFi scan.

   - Some menu languages updated/improved.

   - Some other minor fixes.

* Added emergency settings reset function. In order to use it: put
  "dune_boot_reset_settings.flag" file into the root of the only USB flash
  drive connected to the player, then the player will reset settings during

* IP Control API extensions.
   - Protocol version changed to 2.
   - Improved reporting of current state during playback of IPTV streams.
   - Added information about available audiotracks during playback.
   - Added the possibility to configure the following playback parameters
     (via "set_playback_state"):
      - video_enabled
      - video_zoom
      - video_fullscreen
      - video_x
      - video_y
      - video_width
      - video_height
      - volume
      - mute

* Additional features and API changes in the mechanism for the integration
  of IPTV/VOD services.

Version "110606_1315"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_110606_1315.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 110511_2007_beta:

* Bugfix: Weather application settings did not work in some cases.

* Bugfix: Specific DVD-Video discs could not be played correctly.

* Bugfix: NTSC/PAL detection could be handled wrongly during DVD-Video

* Bugfix: Wrong audio channel could be chosen when switching channels
  during MPEG2-TS/IPTV playback.

* Bugfix: Playback of video streams from network could hang in specific
  rare cases.

* Some interface languages updated. 

* Some other improvements/fixes.

Version "110511_2007_beta" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_110511_2007_beta.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 110225_1222_update1:

* Completely new graphical interface.
   - New background image, new icons, more advanced graphics for all GUI
     elements (glasses, dialogs, controls, OSD, etc).
   - Animation effects.
      - NOTE: it is recomended to use 50/60Hz video mode as the default
        video mode in order to ensure smooth animation.
      - NOTE: animation effects can be disabled in Setup / Appearance.
   - Improved text look.
      - The space between characters and the width of whitespace character
   - Ability to create and install custom GUI skins.
      - More information: http://dune-hd.com/support/skins
   - Ability to switch GUI skins on-the-fly.
      - GUI skins can be switched via the setting "Setup / Appearance /
        Skin", or via "B" RC button on the main screen (and also via "ZOOM"
        RC button on any screen).
      - Several GUI skins are included into the firmware.

* New tab-based main menu interface.
   - All items from the main menu are now grouped into the
     following top-level folders:
      - "Sources": locally attached storage devices, configured network
        folders, and "Network Browser" function.
      - "TV": TV services (when available).
      - "Favorites": shortcuts to favorite items (previously
        known as "items added to main screen").
      - "Applications": all other applications and services.
      - "Setup": player settings.
   - By default, all top-level folders are now represented as "tabs" at the
     top of the screen.
      - In Setup / Appearance, the user can switch between the following
        styles of the main menu:
         - "Tabs": the new default menu style ("tabs" at the top of the
         - "Folders": show all top-level folders as regular folders in
           the main area.
         - "Plain": do not group main screen items into folders (the
           same behavior as in previous firmware versions).

* Added widget for showing weather and current date/time information.
   - The widget is shown at the top right corner of the screen (in the main
     menu only, not during playback).
   - The widget can be configured or disabled via "Setup / Applications /
   - NOTE: When no information is available (e.g. when Internet connection
     is not available), the widget shows Dune HD logo.

* Various other user interface improvements.
   - Added more predefined icon-based view modes for folders: 3x2, 3x3,
     4x2, view modes with right panel.
      - "Extended list" view mode is renamed to "List with right panel".
   - Added the ability to quickly switch between view modes by pressing "A"
     RC button.
      - Debug dump function (which was previously available via triple
        press of "A" RC button) is now available via tripple press of
        "PAUSE" RC button.
   - "Add to favorites" function can be quickly called by "D" RC button.
   - "Copy" and "Paste" functions can be quickly called by "B" and "C" RC
   - The help line at the bottom of the screen indicates currently
     available shortcut RC buttons ("A", "B", "C", "D", "POP UP") and their
   - When launching the playback, "ENTER" RC button now works as "PLAY" by
     default, i.e. builds a playlist consisting of all items in the current
     folder and starts the playback of the currently selected item.
     Usually, this improves the conveniency when the folder contains
     multiple items (e.g. photos, music files, series, links to Internet
     radio stations, links to TV channels, etc). The old behavior (do not
     build the playlist, play just the selected item) can be restored via
     settings (see "Setup / Advanced / File Browser").
   - The current folder path at the top of the screen is now always shown
     as just single line (with scrolling when the path is too long).
   - Bugfix: "TOP MENU" RC button did not work in some Setup screens.

* Added support for CUE-sheet playlist files.
   - When playing an audio file, is there is an associated CUE-sheet file
     (should have the same filename as the audio file, but with ".cue"
     extension), the CUE-sheet file is automatically used.
   - "PREV"/"NEXT" RC buttons allow to switch between tracks.
   - The OSD menu ("POP UP MENU" RC button) allows to see the list of
     tracks and switch to the desired track.
   - When the playlist contains multiple audio files, CUE-sheet files are
     also detected and used for each audio file (the detection is performed
     when an audio file starts to play for the first time). The OSD menu
     groups all tracks by the corresponding files.
   - Also added support for built-in CUE-sheets in FLAC, APE and WavPack

* Added support for chapters in MKV files.
   - "PREV"/"NEXT" RC buttons allow to switch between chapters.
   - The OSD menu ("POP UP MENU" RC button) allows to see the list of
     chapters and switch to the desired chapter.
   - When the playlist contains multiple MKV files, chapters are also
     detected and used for each MKV file (the detection is performed when a
     MKV file starts to play for the first time). The OSD menu groups all
     chapters by the corresponding files.

* New version of DVD engine.
   - The new version of the DVD engine adds the support for multiangle
     feature and improves the support for DVD-Video discs with advanced
     DVD-menu and interactive features.
   - If needed, the old version of the DVD engine may be chosen via Setup /
     Miscellaneous / System / DVD engine.

* Added settings for preferred languages of disc menu, audio track,
   - See "Setup / Playback / Language".
   - Supported for BD/DVD-Video discs/images and files.
   - NOTE: The default value of these language settings is "English". So,
     if there are several audio or subtitles tracks and the "English" one
     is not the first one, it will be automatically chosen (instead of
     choosing the first track, as it took place previously).
   - Also added a new setting (see "Setup / Playback / Subtitles") which
     allows to enable subtitles by default not only for files, but also for
     DVD-Video discs/images.

* Various playback improvements.
   - General improvements for playback of HTTP audio streams (such as
     Internet radio stations).
   - CD audio playback improvements: faster startup and gapless playback.
   - Improvement: for autoframerate function, non-standard framerates
     between 23.976Hz and 24Hz are now treated as 23.976Hz (rather than
   - Bugfix: Viewing photos from a UPnP source did not work (the problem
     introduced in previous firmware versions).
   - Bugfix: Unsupported REW (fast rewind) command for TS files was wrongly
     handled as fast forward rather than ignored.
   - Bugfix: Playlist shuffle function could use an already previously used
     random sequence in some cases.
   - Bugfix: MP3 files with very large embedded covers could not be played.
   - Bugfix: MP3 files with specific ID3 tags could not be played.
   - Bugfix: ".mts" files were wrongly handled as audio files.
   - Bugfix: Pausing M4A files could cause playback stop in some cases.
   - Bugfix: .M3U/.PLS playlist files with "UTF8 BOM" header could not be
   - Bugfix: specific TS files (such as specific broadcast recordings)
     could be played wrongly or with pause/seek not working.
   - Bugfix: specific MKV files could not be played.
   - Bugfix: BD-R/DVD-R discs could play with problems in some cases.

* Improved handling of RC buttons during playback.
   - "PREV" RC button now navigates through the history of the previously
     played playlist items only in the shuffle playback mode and only after
     normal transitions (selecting an item in the playlist and manually
     jumping to it resets the history).
   - "TOP MENU" RC button now allows to go to the main screen also from
     file playback mode.

* Added new audio output configuration possibilites.
   - The setting "Setup / Audio / Audio decoding mode" allows to specify
     the number of channels (stereo, 5.1, 7.1), which should be output to
     analog audio outputs and HDMI output.

* Improved output of DTS-CD audio streams.
   - Removed 14-bit to 16-bit conversion, which is undesired in some cases.
   - Added the new setting "Setup / Audio / DTS CD audio conversion", which
     allows to revert back the old behavior (enable 14-bit to 16-bit
     conversion) when needed.

* DVB-T related improvements.
   - Usability improvement: when watching DVB-T channels, "ENTER" RC button
     opens the list of DVB-T channels (as "POP UP MENU" RC button).
   - Bugfix: DVB-T playback did not work in some cases.

* Added "SHOUTCast" and "RadioTime" applications (free access to thousands
  of local and world-side Internet radio stations).

* Added "Russia.ru" application (free access to "Russia.ru" Internet video

* Minor improvements for "IVI.ru" application.
   - Added showing some information about listed movies in the right panel.

* A lot of new features and improvements for "Kartina.TV" application.
   - Integrated the new "Videoteka" function based on the new "Dune VOD"
     mechanism (planned to be used for other VOD services as well).
      - Movies can be filtered by categories (including filtering by
        multiple categories).
      - Movies can be searched by title (with on-screen virtual keyboard).
      - When browsing the list of movies, different view modes can be
      - Detailed movie information can be shown.
      - Movies with series are supported (including series selection before
        and durign movie playback).
   - "Dune TV" mechanism improvements:
      - Added the possibility to switch different view modes when browsing
        the list of TV channels.
      - Added hints about the possibilities to use "B", "C", "D" RC buttons
        to manage favorite TV channels.
      - Added automatic resuming of TV playback after power-off/power-on.
      - Added remembering the last played TV channel. When resuming TV
        playback (automatically after power-off/power-on, or when entering
        the application via "PLAY" RC button), the remembered TV channel is
      - Added showing not only date, but also week day in the EPG menu.
      - Increased the font size in the EPG menu; added a new setting
        allowing to change the font size in the EPG menu.
   - Added support for "Low Bitrate" channels.
   - Improved handling of "Time Shift" function in some cases.
   - Added "0.5 seconds" buffering option (for people with very good
     Internet connection).
   - Improved the stability and performance of the communication with
   - Added waiting for the IP address when attempting to start the
     application when the IP address is not assigned yet.

* Added new possibilities for UI customization and authors of
  applications based on "dune_folder.txt" mechanism.
   - Added new dune_folder.txt parameters:
      - Animation:
         - animation_enabled = yes|no (default is yes)
      - Overall item layout:
         - item_layout = center|left|right (default is center)
      - Badge-based icons:
         - paint_icon_badge_box = yes|no
         - icon_badge_box_dx = N
         - icon_badge_box_dy = N
         - icon_badge_box_height = N
         - icon_badge_box_width = N
      - Selection frame visualization:
         - icon_selection_box_dx = N
         - icon_selection_box_dy = N
         - icon_selection_box_height = N
         - icon_selection_box_width = N
      - Icon visualization:
         - icon_margin_bottom = N
         - icon_margin_left = N
         - icon_margin_right = N
         - icon_margin_top = N
         - icon_sel_margin_bottom = N
         - icon_sel_margin_left = N
         - icon_sel_margin_right = N
         - icon_sel_margin_top = N
      - Caption visualization:
         - item_caption_dy = N
         - item_caption_sel_dy = N
         - item_caption_width = N
         - item_caption_wrap_enabled = yes|no (default is no)
      - Item details visualization (in the right panel):
         - zoom_detailed_icon = yes|no (default is no)
         - paint_item_info_in_details = yes|no (default is yes)
         - item_detailed_info = TEXT
         - item_detailed_info_font_size = normal|small (default is normal)
         - item_detailed_info_rel_y = N
      - Marks visualization:
         - mark_scale_factor = N.N
      - Small icon type (for list view):
         - folder_small_icon_name = {small_icon_name}
         - item_small_icon_name = {small_icon_name}
         - Here, {small_icon_name} can be:
            - video_file|audio_file|image_file|folder|disc_folder
   - Added a new kind of media_url: "http://audio_stream://...". Enables a
     special handling of the HTTP URLs, which is often useful when playing
     audio streams (such as Internet radio streams).
   - Bugfix: relative paths did not work properly when used with virtual
     items in dune_folder.txt.
   - When the player communicates with an external application via
     "dune_http://" protocol, the application now can determine various
     information about the player (product id, firmware version, serial
     number, current interface language) using "X-Dune-..." headers in HTTP
     requests. Also, a specific "User-Agent" is now used in HTTP requests.

* Added new possibilities for authors of FlashLite applications.
   - New operations added to Dune FlashLite API:
      - requestFilePlayerOnExitWithReturn()
      - requestWebBrowserOnExitWithReturn()
      - getFirmwareVersion()
      - getProductId()
   - Some other minor fixes/improvements.

* Network setup improvements.
   - Usability improvement: when submitting network settings, "Waiting for
     IP address" popup window is shown and the system waits for the IP
     address to be assigned.
   - Bugfix: "Auto + manual DNS" network configuration mode could not work
     properly in some cases.
   - Added the possibility to use empty password for PPPoE network

* Added support for controlling most player functions via USB keyboard and
  USB mouse.
   - Various keyboard buttons (such as LEFT, RIGH, UP, DOWN, ENTER, BACK,
     PageUp, PageDown, etc) are handled the same way as the corresponding
     RC buttons.
   - Mouse movements are handled as LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN actions.
   - Mouse left button presses are handled as ENTER.
   - Mouse right button presses are handled as RETURN.
   - NOTE: Text input using a keyboard in text fields in setup and file
     browser is not supported yet.

* Added support for "Dune HD Qwerty" device (compact wireless keyboard +
  touchpad + remote with a RF USB dongle).
   - NOTE: The support is preliminay, although most functions work, some
     potential functions do not work yet.

* Improved handling of remote controls and IR signals.
   - All IR codes expect codes from Dune HD remotes should be ignored now
     in all cases (so, pressing any button on 3-party remote control should
     not interrupt the screensaver) (except when 3-party remotes use the
     same the same IR codes as Dune HD remotes).
   - Added a Setup option to disable the compatibility with old kinds of
     Dune HD remotes (Setup / Miscellaneous / Advanced / Old remote
     support). (May be helpful if some 3-party remotes use the same IR
     codes as old kinds of Dune HD remotes).
   - Some other improvements in IR signal decoding and handling.

* Improved output to the front panel display.
   - Improvement: when playing content having no known duration (such as
     Internet radio stream), the title of the played item is shown instead
     of meaningless playback counter.
   - Added support for displaying characters from some european languages.

* Added support for working with favorites without system storage.
   - When the system storage is not attached, the list of favorites is
     stored (without associated icons) in the internal flash memory (the
     same memory as used for storing all player settings).
   - NOTE: If some favorites are added when the system storage is not
     attached, and after that the system storage is attached, the internal
     flash memory still will be used to store the list of favorites.

* Improved web browser performance.
   - Increased the amount of memory available for the web browser (and
     other applications as well). This leads to increased web browser
     performance and ability to work with more complex web sites.

* Various other improvements.
   - Bugfix: adding shortcut (favorite) did not work when the filename
     contained a specific character.
   - Some previously missing characters added to fonts.
   - Some interface languages added/updated. 
   - Some other improvements/fixes.

Version "110225_1222_update1"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_110225_1222_update1.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 110225_1222:

NOTE: This version is exactly the same version as 110225_1222, but adopted
to the minor hardware changes taking place in the new player batches. This
firmware version is preinstalled on these new player batches, and it is the
first firmware version compatible with these new player batches; do not
install any previous firmware versions to these new player batches.

Version "110225_1222"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_110225_1222.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 110127_2105_beta:

- Bugfix: Specific M2TS files could not be played.

- Bugfix: Specific MP4 files (such as files from specific video cameras)
  could be played without sound on HDMI output.

- Bugfix: DVB-T channels scan failed in specific cases in some

- Bugfix: icons loading could fail in some cases for some applications
  (such as KartinaTV).

- Bugfix: some Blu-ray discs could not be played in specific cases
  ("Securiry Violation" error was produced).

- Bugfix: Restarting optical disc playback (after stopping the playback of
  the same disc) could not work in some cases.

Version "110127_2105_beta" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_110127_2105_beta.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 101201_1626:

* Various playback improvements.
   - Bugfix: Specific MP3 files were playing with distortions when played
     during photo viewing.
   - Bugfix: Specific AVI files with AC3 audio were playing without sound,
     and no file with audio could be played afterwards.
   - Bugfix: Specific AVI files with H.264 video were not playing, and no
     other video file could be played afterwards.
   - Improvement: unsupported non-LC AAC audio tracks in MKV are not shown
     in the list of audiotracks to avoid confusing the user.
   - Bugfix: The setting "HDMI audio = disabled" did not work properly in
     some cases with some equipment.
   - Bugfix: Specific AVI files with AAC audio could not be played
   - Added support for playback and recorinding of A/V streams based on MMS
     protocol (useful for MMS-based Internet Radio and Internet Video

* Added support for MMS audio/video streaming protocol.
   - Useful for MMS-based Internet Radio and Internet Video resources.
   - Both playback and recording of MMS streams is supported.
   - Usage: launch playback of MMS URL ("mms://...") via .M3U playlist file
     or in any other way supported by Dune.

* Volume control improvements.
   - Added a new setting "Audio / Volume control" with the following
     possible values:
      - "Off". Volume control is completely disabled. The volume level is
        fixed at 100% (0dB) and the player does not perform any
        modifications of the digital audio signal.
      - "Best quality". The default setting. The user is allowed to control
        the volume in the safe range till 0dB (ensuring no audio
        distortions on all audio content). When needed for specific files,
        it is also possible to temporarily overcome the 0dB limit by
        pressing and holding "V+" RC button for several seconds (the
        increase volume level takes effect only for the current playback
        session and is automatically reset to 0dB when the playback session
      - "Allow overload". The setting corresponding to the behavior taking
        place in previous firmware versions. The user is allowed to set the
        volume to values greater than 0dB. Depending on played content,
        this may lead to severe audio distortions and thus is not
   - Added a new setting "Audio / Volume indication" with the following
     possible values:
      - "Percents". The default setting. The volume level is shown as
        [0..100%] (corresponding to [-48..0dB] range). When the volume
        level is set to 100%, the player does not perform any modifications
        of the digital audio signal. Overloaded volume level is shown as
        (100..150%] (corresponding to (0..+24dB] range).
      - "Decibels". The setting corresponding to the behavior taking place
        in previous firmware versions. The volume level is shown in
   - Volume control for background audio during photo viewing is
     implemented in the same way as for regular file playback.
   - NOTE: As in previous firmware versions, the player can apply volume
     control only to PCM audio signal (i.e. when playing PCM audio tracks
     or audio tracks which are decoded by the player itself); when using
     "bitstream" audio output mode and playing audio tracks supporting
     bitstream output, the volume control does not take any affect. When
     A/V receiver is used, it is recommended to control the volume using
     the A/V receiver.

* Other OSD improvements.
   - When performing time navigation using LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN/P+/P- RC
     buttons (in file/DVD playback mode), the OSD does not only show the
     selected playback position, but also shows the offset from the current
     playback position.
   - Certain notification OSD elements, such as volume control and certain
     information messages can now be quickly hidden by pressing any
     non-relevant RC buttons (no need to wait for autohide timeout).

* Added IP Control possibilities (control the player from iPhone etc).
   - A simple HTTP protocol allows to control the player from network
     (start/stop playback of the given media resources, control the
     playback, check current player status, emulate RC button presses,
   - Applications for various devices can be created based on this IP
     Control procotol. Several such applications are already announced /
     provided (e.g.: applications for iPhone/iPad, integration with
     Control4 smart home systems).
   - More information: http://dune-hd.com/support/ip_control

* Added new possibilities for authors of FlashLite applications.
   - Added ability for FlashLite application to store persistent data in
     the flash memory of the player ("persistent SharedObjects").
   - Added support for showing specific text message on the front panel
     display (for player models having front panel display) on startup of
     FlashLite application.
   - More information: http://dune-hd.com/support/flash

* Added new UI customization possibilities (for "dune_folder.txt"
   - Added a possibility to load icons shown in the right panel of the
     "extended list view" asynchronously. When this feature is enabled,
     navigation in such folders becomes much faster.
      - Syntax:
         - async_icon_loading = yes
   - Added "icon_archive" feature, allowing to download a collection of
     icons/images from an HTTP server once when entering certain folder,
     and cache it in the player (in System Storage), that allows to
     significantly improve the performance.
      - Syntax:
         - icon_archive.{n}.name = {name}
         - icon_archive.{n}.url = {HTTP-URL-to-TGZ-archive}
         - icon_path = icon_archive://{name}/{file-path-in-archive}
      - When a new version of the icon archive is deployed on the HTTP
        server, a modified URL should be used for it, then the player will
        automatically reload the icon archive next time when the user opens
        the folder.

* Setup usability improvements.
   - When the user tries to exit "Video" or "Network" setup screen with
     unsaved changes, a warning dialog is shown. The user is asked to
     either apply the changes, discard the chances, of cancel the action.
   - When selecting WiFi network connection type, the WiFI settings dialog
     is shown automatically.
   - When selecting PPPoE network connection type, the PPPoE settings
     dialog is shown automatically.
   - Online firmware upgrade function does not require an attached storage
     device (such as USB flash drive) any more.

* Added built-in functions for management of System Storage.
   - New Setup page "Miscellaneous / System Storage" provides the following
      - "Initialize System Storage": allows to initialize the system
        storage if it is not configured yet. Two possibilities are
        provided: create the system storage on an empty storage device (USB
        flash drive, SD card, an already existing HDD partition), or
        partition an empty HDD into system storage and user data
        partitions. Usage instructions:
         - The system lists all found empty 1GB+ storages.
         - Select the desired storage.
         - If the selected storage's capacity is less than 100GB, the
           entire storage is initialized as the system storage.
         - Otherwise, if the selected storage is 100GB+ storage device, it
           is partitioned into two partitions, the first partition is
           initialized as the system storage, and the second partition is
           kept unformatted (to format it, select it in the file browser
           and press ENTER).
      - "Deinitialize System Storage": allows to deinitialize the system
        storage if it is already configured.
      - "Clear System Storage": deletes all data stored on the system
        storage. This, in particular, includes Blu-ray cache, main screen
        shortcuts, content of Internet Radio and IPTV folders.
      - "Clear Blu-ray Cache": clears Blu-ray cache (also known as "Blu-ray
        local storage").

* Added support for "Flash Memory Storage" - an area of main flash
  memory that can be used to store data instead of System Storage in some
   - Flash Memory Storage currently can be used to store the following
      - Data cache for dune_folder.txt applications utilizing
        "icon_archive" function (graphics packages downloaded from
      - Data cache for KartinaTV application (graphics and some other
        information downloaded from Internet).
   - For all other kinds of data that can be stored in System Storage,
     Flash Memory Storage can not be used, and System Storage is still
     required. This includes, in particular: Blu-ray cache, main screen
     shortcuts, content of Internet Radio and IPTV folders.
   - In future, it is planned to allow to use Flash Memory Storage for more
     player functions.
   - The purpose of Flash Memory Storage is that it makes it easy to use
     the corresponding player functions for the users not having System
     Storage attached. When System Storage is available, Flash Memory
     Storare is not used (System Storage is used instead).
   - Flash Memory Storage availability and capacity depends on a particular
     Dune model.
      - Dune HD Max, Dune HD Duo: Flash Memory Storage is always available
        and its capacity is ~100MB (due to total 256MB of main flash memory
        in these models).
      - Dune HD Base 3.0, Dune BD Prime 3.0, Dune HD Smart D1/H1/B1: Flash
        Memory Storage can be enabled/disabled (disabled by default) and
        its capacity is ~16MB. Enabling Flash Memory Storage is performed
        automatically when it is needed for the first time, or can be
        performed manually via Setup. When Flash Memory Storage is enabled,
        some optional firmware components (asian fonts) are removed from
        the flash memory. When firmware is reinstalled/updated, Flash
        Memory Storage becomes disabled again and these optional firmware
        components are restored automatically (until Flash Memory Storage
        is required again by some application). If these optional firmware
        components are required, Flash Memory Storage can not be used
        (System Storage should be used instead).
      - Dune HD Lite 53D: Flash Memory Storage is always available and its
        capacity is ~16MB.
   - Setup section "Miscellaneous / System Storage" allows to see the
     current status of Flash Memory Storage and provides the following
      - "Enable Flash Memory Storage": allows to enable Flash Memory
        Storage (only for Dune models where Flash Memory Storage is
        optional, other Dune models have Flash Memory Storage always
      - "Clear Flash Memory Storage": deletes all data from Flash Memory

* Improved "Reset Settings" function.
   - The confirmation dialog includes the information that player reboot
     will be performed. 
   - Added clearing of all user-related data stored by the player in System
     Storage (including main screen shortcuts and cached icon archive
     data). NOTE: the content of Internet Radio and IPTV folders is not
     cleared automatically (since these folders may contain files important
     for the user); if needed, these folders can be cleared manually.
   - Added clearing of all data in Flash Memory Storage.

* Integrated "KartinaTV" Internet TV service.
   - More information: http://dune-hd.com/support/kartina_tv

* Integrated "IVI.ru" Internet Video service.
   - More information: http://dune-hd.com/support/ivi_ru

* Various other improvements.
   - The function of quick video mode choosing now provides feedback using
     the LED on the front panel of the player:
      - When the function is activated: the LED blinks once.
      - When the user cancels the function: the LED blinks once.
      - When a new video mode is chosen: the LED blinks 2 times.
      - When the user confirms the new video mode: the LED blinks 3 times.
   - Some interface languages added/updated. 
   - Some other improvements/fixes.

* Includes also all changes from 101201_1626.

Version "100916_2027_beta" (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_100916_2027_beta.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 100828_0034:

- NOTE: Changes from 100828_0034_update1 are not included.

- Added a possibility to adjust the vertical position of subtitles during
  Blu-ray playback.

- Added a possibility to adjust the vertical position of PGS and VobSub
  subtitles during file playback.

- Improved handling of PGS subtitles in MKV and TS files.

- Improved "Audio / HDMI audio = Disabled" setting, which should now work
  more correctly with various HDMI equipment. Now, it only disables passing
  audio through the HDMI, but does not force DVI mode with RGB colorspace
  on the HDMI output any more.

- Added a new setting "Video / Advanced / Force DVI output", which allows
  to force DVI mode on the HDMI video output. This allows to achieve player
  behavior which took place previously when using "HDMI audio = Disabled"
  setting. (Note, as previously, this does not affect Blu-ray playback.)

- Added a new setting "Video / Advanced / Output colorspace",
  which allows to specify the desired colorspace on the HDMI output.
   - Supported values:
      - Auto (use BT.709 for HD video modes and BT.601 for SD video modes)
      - BT.601.
      - BT.709.
      - RGB-Full.
      - RGB-Limited.
   - The default value is Auto.
   - Note: does not affect Blu-ray playback (for Blu-ray playback, "Auto"
     is always used).
   - Note: in previous firmware versions, the actually used setting was
     BT.601; if you think that you had a better picture quality during file
     or DVD playback in previous firmware versions, you may try to set this
     setting to BT.601 (see also the new setting "Video / Advanced /
     Default decoder colorspace").

- Added a new setting "Video / Advanced / Default decoder colorspace",
  which allows to specify the default colorspace which should be assumed
  for files having no explicit indication of the colorspace actually used
  when encoding these files.
   - Supported values:
      - Auto (use BT.709 for files using HD resolution and BT.601 for files
        using SD resolution).
      - BT.601.
      - BT.709.
   - The default value is Auto.
   - Note: affects only file playback.
   - Note: in previous firmware versions, the actually used setting was
     BT.601; if you think that you had a better picture quality during file
     playback in previous firmware versions, you may try to set this
     setting to BT.601 (see also the new setting "Video / Advanced / Output

- Improved Audio CD playback startup speed.

- Improved compatibility with specific models of eSATA HDD enclosures.

- Implemented improvements/fixes for Avatar Blu-ray playback.

- Added automatic clearing (when needed) of Blu-ray Local Storage after
  firmware upgrade in order to prevent possible Blu-ray playback problems.

- Added a new setting "Misc / Playback / Save zoom settings", which allows
  to remember the choosen zoom mode even after stopping playback and
  switching off the player.

- Added a new setting "Misc / Playback / Show recording indicator", which
  allows to enable on-screen indication (blinking red circle) during
  recording of IPTV / Internet radio / DVB-T streams.

- Improved the firmware recovery procedure: the LED indicator on the front
  panel is blinking during firmware recovery process.

- Improved handling of specific unsupported files (such as GMC-encoded
  AVIs): information about this is reported to the user.

- Bugfix: HDMI color depth and HDMI CEC settings could be set to wrong
  values when using "safe" video modes (triggered by MODE + 1..6 RC

- Bugfix: very high-birate IPTV channels could be played with artefacts and
  picture distortions (a problem introduced in firmware version

- Bugfix: specific MKV files could not be recognized and played at all.

- Bugfix: ".djvu" files wrongly considered as supported.

- Bugfix: creation of debug dumps did not work in specific cases (when the
  current folder path contained whitespaces).

- Some interface languages added/updated. 

- Some other improvements/fixes.

Version "100828_0034_update1"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_100828_0034_update1.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 100828_0034:

- Added "Auto" fan mode. When "Auto" fan mode is used, the fan is
  automatically switched on when the internal HDD is installed, and is
  switched off when the internal HDD is not installed. Note: in "software
  standby" mode, if the internal HDD is installed, the fan is still running
  (because the internal HDD activity may take place).

Version "100828_0034"

Download: dune_firmware_hdmax_100828_0034.dff  (ZIP)