Dune HD Base 3D

This firmware packages consists of files which are distributed under different license terms, in particular under Dune HD proprietary license or under any Open Source License (namely GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License or FreeBSD License). For further details see file "license.txt" (license.txt) The source code of those files distributed as Open Source are available on written request to info@dune-hd.com or can be downloaded here: http://files.dune-hd.com/firmware/gpl/dunehd_gpl_source_code.tgz

Dune HD grants the non-exclusive right to personally use this firmware package which is delivered in object code format only. Licensee shall only be entitled to make a copy exclusively reserved for personal backup purposes (backup copy). Dune HD reserves all intellectual property rights except as expressly granted herein. Without the prior written approval of Dune HD and except to the extent as may be expressly authorised under mandatory law, this firmware package in particular

- shall not be copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available
- shall not be modified, disassembled, reverse engineered, decompiled or otherwise "be opened" in whole or in part, and insofar shall not be copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available.

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Version "150721_0135_b9" [base3d2] (stable version)

Download: dune_firmware_base3d2_150721_0135_b9.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 150404_0032_b9:

- Bugfix: Weather widget could show wrong temperature in some cases.

- Bugfix: After returning from playback to a folder with GUI customization
  (using dune_folder.txt), in specific cases, a wrong GUI state could be

- Bugfix: In some rare cases, when when playing a MPEG-TS stream from
  multicast or DVB source, playback could crash.

- Bugfix: In specific cases, when switching between different MPEG-TS
  streams for a long time, playback could crash.

- Bugfix: For models with DVB-C tuner: DVB-C default modulation mode was
  set to incorrect value.

- Bugfix: For base3d2 and tv303d2 models: stability problems could take
  place in some cases.

- Bugfix: SDK: when creating too many scheduled recordings, the application
  could crash in some cases.

- Bugfix: SDK: in HTML applications, an attempt to modify the callback
  function from JS callback handler could lead to application hangup.

Version "150404_0032_b9" [base3d2] (BETA version)

Download: dune_firmware_base3d2_150404_0032_b9.dff  (ZIP)

Changes since 150227_0032_b9:

- The function of formatting a HDD into NTFS filesystem now does not have
  HDD capacity limitations and can be used with huge HDDs.

- When a HDD with an EFI system partition is attached, the EFI system
  partition is now not shown in the GUI.

- SDK: added new firmware customization possibility: custom firmware may now
  use a custom value of signer_id for signed plugins. See more information
  in SDK documentation.

- Bugfix: AC3 or DTS audio could be played wrongly in specific rare cases.

- Bugfix: Custom folders based on dune_folder.txt mechanism could be
  rendered in a wrong way in specific cases, when an old behavior of
  dune_folder.txt mechanism was expected.

- Bugfix: PHP plugins: FWD and REW RC buttons did not work as expected in
  some cases.

- Bugfix: GUI could crash in some specific rare cases when icon archive
  feature was used.

- Bugfix: when playing very high-bitrate lossless audio files (FLAC,
  Wavpack) from an SMB network share, stuttering could take place in some

- Bugfix: playback of MPEG-TS stream containing a lot of errors could lead
  to playback crash in some rare specific cases.

- Added new "adaptive+" deinterlacing mode, which should work better than
  the old "adaptive" mode on specific video content.

- Bugfix: when playing a media_url with "dune_params" extra parameters,
  playback recovering from a network fault could be handled wrongly in some

- Bugfix: when playing HLS (and some other MPEG-TS based) content, audio
  track switching could work wrongly in some cases.

- Bugfix: for models which do not support full power-off: a request to do
  power-off could be handled wrongly in some cases.

- Hungarian UI translation updated.

Version "150227_0032_b9" [base3d2]

Download: dune_firmware_base3d2_150227_0032_b9.dff  (ZIP)

Version "140827_0132_b9" [base3d2]

Download: dune_firmware_base3d2_140827_0132_b9.dff  (ZIP)

Version "140722_1114_b8" [base3d2]

Download: dune_firmware_base3d2_140722_1114_b8.dff  (ZIP)