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Dune BD Prime 3.0 / Optical Drive Firmware

Firmware Versions

The following firmware versions could be preinstalled in the optical drive (SunExt) of Dune BD Prime 3.0:

How To Check Current Optical Drive Firmware Version

Put the following DSF file onto a USB flash drive and "launch" it in the player. It will report the current version of the optical drive firmware.

How To Install Optical Drive Firmware

Perform the following steps:

  1. Download a ZIP file with the optical drive firmware ("dune_bdprime3_optical_drive_fw_sunext_...zip"), and unpack it. It contains just a single file "SUNEXT.B01".
  2. Create a DVD+/-R/RW disc containing just a single file "SUNEXT.B01" (and nothing else). Use single session, and close the session (finalize the disc). The recommended way is to use "Nero Burning Rom 8" or a similar program.
  3. Power off the player, power on the player, wait until the player finishes loading.
  4. Enter Setup menu on the player (this is very important step to ensure correct operation -- do not stay on the main menu!).
  5. Press EJECT and insert the disc with the "SUNEXT.B01" file, press EJECT again to close the tray.
  6. The BD drive will detect the disc and will update its firmware. Do not perform any actions before the firmware update completes!
  7. Finally, the BD drive will eject the disc on its own. This means that firmware update has completed OK.
  8. Power off the player, power on the player again.
  9. (Optional) Use the "dune_service_bdprime3_optical_drive_fw_version.dsf" service file to check that the optical drive reports the correct firmware version.