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Dune HD Duo Base 4K

Version "190919_0242_r11" (the latest stable version)
Download: dune_firmware_duobase4k_190919_0242_r11.dff
Changes since 170602_0154_r11:
This version is a small update which includes a few new features,
improvements and fixes.
In particular, this version includes some of the changes previously
implemented in the firmware of newer models (in r13 firmware versions).
NOTE: There were a lot of internal changes, so this version probably
includes some bugs (will be fixed in further versions).

Version "170602_0154_r11"
Download: dune_firmware_duobase4k_170602_0154_r11.dff
Changes since 170602_0153_r11:
This firmware is a minor update for the previous firmware version
(170602_0153_r11) with regression fixes and some other small improvements
and fixes.

• Bugfix: SMB server did not work properly in some cases, e.g. access from
  PC to HDD attached to Dune HD box via SMB using simple
  "\player_ip_address" syntax could not work. The bug was introduced in
  the previous firmware version (170602_0153_r11) when implementing SMB
  server vulnerability fix.

• Bugfix: MOVIES and MUSIC RC buttons were not supported in some cases.

• Bugfix: covers in FLAC files could not be shown.

• Bugfix: music playback crash could occur in some cases when playing a CUE
  sheet with multiple ALAC files.

• Bugfix: HTTP/TS playback dune_param lower_cpu_load:1 could cause severe
  distortions with bitrates more than 5 Mbit/s in some cases. This is
  important for plugins which use this dune_param.

• Bugfix: GUI crash could occur in some cases after returning to the screen
  with on-screen-keyboard UI control.

• Bugfix: GUI crash could occur in some rare cases when stopping playback
  immediately after start.

• Bugfix: wrong PIDs were saved for plugins.

• Improvement: added correct support for adding plugin entry point to
  "Favorites" even if plugin has multiple entry points, and even if entry
  point is on the main screen. So it is now possible to easily add for
  example "My Collection" or "Movies" to Favorites (and enable auto start
  for them, if needed).

• Improvement: TTF font setting is now "Regular" by default instead of
  "Light", to make text more readable on Movie screen and similiar screens.
  This change takes effect after settings reset or when installing r11
  firmware over b9 firmware.

• Improvement: removed unneeded delay in reaction to RC buttons press on
  upgrade confirmation screen.

• Improvement: minor fix for animation over the gap between icons on the
  main screen.

• Some other minor improvements/fixes.

Version "170602_0153_r11"
Download: dune_firmware_duobase4k_170602_0153_r11.dff
The first official version ever shipped with production players.