Dune Firmware Zone

Dune HD TV 102p

Version "150721_0136_b9" (the latest stable version)
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_150721_0136_b9.dff
Changes since 150721_0135_b9:
- New feature: Added compatibility with new Dune HD remote controls (which
  are shipped with newer Dune HD models)
   - NOTE: to use POWER button of the new RC, the following is needed:
      - Set "Setup / Misc / Power management / POWER button behavior" to
        "Software standby".
      - Reprogram the box to boot automatically on power-on as described in
        "Automatic power-on mode" section here:

- Improvement: Improved compatibility with HTTP/MP4 and HTTPS/MP4 Internet
  video streams.

- Improvement: Fonts extended to better support Kazakh, Georgian, Armenian,
  Azerbaijani and some other languages.

- Minor other improvements.

Version "150721_0135_b9"
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_150721_0135_b9.dff
Changes since 150404_0032_b9:
- Bugfix: Weather widget could show wrong temperature in some cases.

- Bugfix: After returning from playback to a folder with GUI customization
  (using dune_folder.txt), in specific cases, a wrong GUI state could be

- Bugfix: In some rare cases, when when playing a MPEG-TS stream from
  multicast or DVB source, playback could crash.

- Bugfix: In specific cases, when switching between different MPEG-TS
  streams for a long time, playback could crash.

- Bugfix: For models with DVB-C tuner: DVB-C default modulation mode was
  set to incorrect value.

- Bugfix: For base3d2 and tv303d2 models: stability problems could take
  place in some cases.

- Bugfix: SDK: when creating too many scheduled recordings, the application
  could crash in some cases.

- Bugfix: SDK: in HTML applications, an attempt to modify the callback
  function from JS callback handler could lead to application hangup.

Version "150404_0032_b9" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_150404_0032_b9.dff
Changes since 150227_0032_b9:
- The function of formatting a HDD into NTFS filesystem now does not have
  HDD capacity limitations and can be used with huge HDDs.

- When a HDD with an EFI system partition is attached, the EFI system
  partition is now not shown in the GUI.

- SDK: added new firmware customization possibility: custom firmware may now
  use a custom value of signer_id for signed plugins. See more information
  in SDK documentation.

- Bugfix: AC3 or DTS audio could be played wrongly in specific rare cases.

- Bugfix: Custom folders based on dune_folder.txt mechanism could be
  rendered in a wrong way in specific cases, when an old behavior of
  dune_folder.txt mechanism was expected.

- Bugfix: PHP plugins: FWD and REW RC buttons did not work as expected in
  some cases.

- Bugfix: GUI could crash in some specific rare cases when icon archive
  feature was used.

- Bugfix: when playing very high-bitrate lossless audio files (FLAC,
  Wavpack) from an SMB network share, stuttering could take place in some

- Bugfix: playback of MPEG-TS stream containing a lot of errors could lead
  to playback crash in some rare specific cases.

- Added new "adaptive+" deinterlacing mode, which should work better than
  the old "adaptive" mode on specific video content.

- Bugfix: when playing a media_url with "dune_params" extra parameters,
  playback recovering from a network fault could be handled wrongly in some

- Bugfix: when playing HLS (and some other MPEG-TS based) content, audio
  track switching could work wrongly in some cases.

- Bugfix: for models which do not support full power-off: a request to do
  power-off could be handled wrongly in some cases.

- Hungarian UI translation updated.

Version "150227_0032_b9"
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_150227_0032_b9.dff

Version "140827_0132_b9"
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_140827_0132_b9.dff

Version "140825_2251_b8"
Download: N/A (has not been released, or is not recommended, for this player model, the listed changes are included into next firmware versions)

Version "140815_2111_b8"
Download: N/A (has not been released, or is not recommended, for this player model, the listed changes are included into next firmware versions)

Version "140722_1114_b8"
Download: N/A (has not been released, or is not recommended, for this player model, the listed changes are included into next firmware versions)

Version "140610_0131_b8"
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_140610_0131_b8.dff
Changes since 140425_0132_b8:
- Subtitles are now supported during plugin playback.

- Internal improvements in plugins upgrade mechanism.

- HLS playback bugfixes:
   - Playlists with blank lines in the beginning were processed
   - Sometimes HLS playback could crash because of too long URLs.

- Bugfix: switching deinterlacing mode during DVD playback did not work.

- Bugfix: in some cases scanning DVB-T with multiple bandwidths failed with
  GUI error.

- Rutube application is removed from the set of preinstalled applications.

Version "140425_0132_b8" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_140425_0132_b8.dff
Changes since 140223_0133_b8:
- Internal improvements in plugins upgrade mechanism.

- Updated Videomore preinstalled application (Russian language only).

- HLS playback improvements.

- Bugfix: some files with H.264 profile 5.1 video could not be played
  (regression introduced in previous _b8 firmware versions).

- Bugfix: recording could crash in some rare cases.

Version "140223_0133_b8" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_140223_0133_b8.dff

Version "140223_0132_b6"
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_140223_0132_b6.dff

Version "131224_0132_b8" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_131224_0132_b8.dff

Version "131213_0131_b6"
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_131213_0131_b6.dff

Version "130515_2104_b6"
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_130515_2104_b6.dff

Version "121228_2012_b1"
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_121228_2012_b1.dff

Version "121009_1821"
Download: dune_firmware_hdtv_102p_121009_1821.dff
The first official version ever shipped with production players.