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Dune HD TV 102 (tv102v2)

Version "190919_0242_r11" (the latest stable version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_190919_0242_r11.dff
Changes since 170602_0153_r11:
This version is a small update which includes a few new features,
improvements and fixes.
In particular, this version includes some of the changes previously
implemented in the firmware of newer models (in r13 firmware versions).
NOTE: There were a lot of internal changes, so this version probably
includes some bugs (will be fixed in further versions).

Version "170602_0153_r11"
Download: N/A (is not available / is not recommended for this player model, the listed changes are included into next firmware versions)
Changes since 170519_1353_r11:
• Solo Lite: Premium Functions (My Collection/Movies/Music and BD Menu) are
  now non-premium, just like on Solo 4K (i.e. available without limitations
  and without the need to have Internet access to check license status).

• New feature: Added support for playback of BD4K images.
   • Only BDLite mode is supported.
   • The player automatically detects BD4K images and automatically starts
     the playback if BDLite mode.

• New feature: Improved support for playback of HDR (HDR10) content.
   • The player automatically recognizes HDR content and automatically
     applies some picture corrections to improve the look of the content on
     TVs without HDR support.
   • If HDR content is recognized, the corresponding status is shown in the
     INFO on-screen-display during playback.
   • Automatic HDR conversion can be enabled/disabled by the new setting
     "Setup / Video / Advanced / BT.202/HDR conversion" (enabled by
     default). When using a TV with HDR support, it is recommended to
     disable HDR conversion on the player and force HDR mode on the TV.
   • HDR conversion can also be quickly toggled during playback using RC
     button "MODE" (on Duo 4K) or "KEYBRD" (on Solo 4K and Solo Lite).

• Improvement: UI animation effects are now disabled by default in video
  modes with low framerate (less than or equal to 30Hz).
   • This is helpful in particular when connecting to a 4K TV and using a
     4K video mode.
   • To force animation effects in all video modes, a new setting "Settings
     / Appearance / Animation Effects / Enabled for all video modes" can be

• Bugfix: Playback of MP3 files could crash in some cases (this is a
  regression introduced in the previous beta firmware).

• Bugfix: Some DVD images could not be played correctly (playback start
  could fail at some point and DVD menu could not be reached).

• Bugfix: When choosing not to search for community extensions, the
  installation of non-community extensions (e.g. YouTube movie trailers)
  could be skipped in some cases too.

• Bugfix: Video mode setting could be accidentally reset from Auto (EDID)
  to some other value in some rare cases.

• Bugfix: When checking of plugins updates on a clean factory box or after
  settings reset, if Internet connection was not available, a too long
  delay could take place.

• Bugfix: SMB server now includes a fix for the Samba vulnerability

• Plugins SDK improvements:
   • Improved the handling of cycle_mode_enabled=yes when num_items<3.

• Updated/improved UI translations.

• Some other minor improvements/fixes.

Version "170519_1353_r11"
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_170519_1353_r11.dff
Changes since 170519_1351_r11:
This firmware includes fixes for regressions found in the new r11 firmware
versions (170519_1350_r11 and 170519_1351_r11) in comparison with the
previous b9 firmware, and fixes for some other issues.

• Improvement: when starting DVD playback, if shell_ext plugin is required
  for DVD playback but is not installed, the system automatically proposes
  to install shell_ext plugin (and to initialize system storage, if

• Improvement: added correct support for adding plugin entry point to
  "Favorites" even if plugin has multiple entry points, and even if entry
  point is on the main screen. So it is now possible to easily add for
  example "My Collection" or "Movies" to Favorites (and enable auto start
  for them, if needed).

• Improvement: TTF font setting is now "Regular" by default instead of
  "Light", to make text more readable on Movie screen and similiar screens.
  This change takes effect after settings reset or when installing r11
  firmware over b9 firmware.

• Bugfix: HDD formatting did not work in some cases on the following
  models: Dune HD Max, Dune HD Duo, Dune HD Smart D1/H1/B1, Dune HD Prime
  3.0, Dune HD Base 3.0

• Bugfix: in some cases Recent main menu item was not included into the
  "Dune Plus" subscription.

• Bugfix: wrong PIDs were saved for plugins.

• Some other minor improvements/fixes.

Version "170519_1351_r11" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_170519_1351_r11.dff
Changes since 170519_1350_r11:
This firmware includes fixes for various regressions found in the new r11
firmware (170519_1350_r11) in comparison with the previous b9 firmware, and
fixes for some other issues.

• Bugfix: ZOOM function did not work in some cases.

• Bugfix: My Collection, Movies, Music did not work on some player models
  (tv303d2 and base3d2).

• Bugfix: DVB-C did not work on models with DVB-C tuner.

• Bugfix: HDMI audio output did not work properly in some specific cases.

• Bugfix: Verimatrix IPTV DRM did not work in some cases on models with
  Verimatrix IPTV DRM support.

• Bugfix: DVB icons loading/updating did not work in some cases.

• Bugfix: High bitrate HD IPTV channels were stuttering in some cases (when
  lower_cpu_load media_url parameter was used).

• Bugfix: Zapping between IPTV channels could be slightly slower than
  expected in some cases (ss_for_http_ts media_url parameter did not work

• Bugfix: Stopping playback of TV channel in Kartina.TV application could
  be slightly slower than expected in some cases.

• Bugfix: Screen did not darken properly when EPG OSD was shown.

• Bugfix: When playing DVB radio streams, "average bitrate" line was
  wrongly shown in INFO OSD.

• Some other minor internal fixes.

Version "170519_1350_r11" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_170519_1350_r11.dff
Changes since 150721_0136_b9:
This is a huge firmware update for old/dicontinuted Dune HD media player
models based on old MIPS Sigma Designs chips.

   • This new firmware is based on the same new codebase branch (r11) which
     is used in the latest Dune HD media player models based on the new ARM
     Sigma Design chips.

   • This new firmware includes several thousands of various changes,
     fixes, improvements and new changes, which were previously implemented
     during the development of the firmware for the new models.

   • In particular, this new firmware includes the following new big
     features, previously available only on the new Dune HD models: My
     Collection, Movies catalog, Music catalog.

The new firmware introduces the concept of "Dune Plus" subscription.

   • To use some new functions of the new firmware (currently: My
     Collection, Movies catalog, Music catalog), a paid subscription to
     "Dune Plus" premium function is required.

   • Initially, a promo period takes place and "Dune Plus" premium function
     is available for all users for free. After the promo period ends, a
     paid subscription will be required (with some limited trial period
     still available for free). The current status of "Dune Plus"
     subscription can be seen in the new menu "Setup / Premium Functions".

   • In this firmware version, the subscription to "Dune Plus" premium
     functions is required to use the following features: My Collection,
     Movies catalog, Music catalog. The set of features covered by "Dune
     Plus" subscription may be extended/changed in future (it is a subject
     to change without notice).

   • In other words: "Dune Plus" subscription allows the owners of
     old/discontinued Dune HD media player models to upgrade their players
     to get access to features originally available only on the newer
     player models.

The new firmware is supported for all old/discontinued Dune HD media player
models which have 512MB+ RAM.

   • This includes the following models:
      • Dune HD Base 3D
      • Dune HD Base 3D v2
      • Dune HD TV-303D
      • Dune HD TV-303D v2
      • Dune HD TV-102
      • Dune HD TV-102 v2
      • Dune HD Connect
      • Dune HD Max
      • Dune HD Duo
      • Dune HD Smart D1
      • Dune HD Smart H1
      • Dune HD Smart B1
      • Dune HD Prime 3.0
      • Dune HD Base 3.0

   • The models with 256MB RAM (Lite 53D, TV-101, TV-301, TV-102p) are not
     supported by the new firmware.

The new firmware may require System Storage to get access to some new

   • System Storage (e.g. 2GB+ USB flash drive attached to any USB port)
     may be required to install additional software components when using
     players which do not have enough internal flash memoty or which do not
     have enough free space in the internal flash memory.

   • When System Storage is needed, the player will automatically inform
     about it and will suggest installing the System Storage.

Version "150721_0136_b9"
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_150721_0136_b9.dff
Changes since 150721_0135_b9:
• New feature: Added compatibility with new Dune HD remote controls (which
  are shipped with newer Dune HD models)
   • NOTE: to use POWER button of the new RC, the following is needed:
      • Set "Setup / Misc / Power management / POWER button behavior" to
        "Software standby".
      • Reprogram the box to boot automatically on power-on as described in
        "Automatic power-on mode" section here:

• Improvement: Improved compatibility with HTTP/MP4 and HTTPS/MP4 Internet
  video streams.

• Improvement: Fonts extended to better support Kazakh, Georgian, Armenian,
  Azerbaijani and some other languages.

• Minor other improvements.

Version "150721_0135_b9"
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_150721_0135_b9.dff
Changes since 150404_0032_b9:
• Bugfix: Weather widget could show wrong temperature in some cases.

• Bugfix: After returning from playback to a folder with GUI customization
  (using dune_folder.txt), in specific cases, a wrong GUI state could be

• Bugfix: In some rare cases, when when playing a MPEG-TS stream from
  multicast or DVB source, playback could crash.

• Bugfix: In specific cases, when switching between different MPEG-TS
  streams for a long time, playback could crash.

• Bugfix: For models with DVB-C tuner: DVB-C default modulation mode was
  set to incorrect value.

• Bugfix: For base3d2 and tv303d2 models: stability problems could take
  place in some cases.

• Bugfix: SDK: when creating too many scheduled recordings, the application
  could crash in some cases.

• Bugfix: SDK: in HTML applications, an attempt to modify the callback
  function from JS callback handler could lead to application hangup.

Version "150404_0032_b9" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_150404_0032_b9.dff
Changes since 150227_0032_b9:
• The function of formatting a HDD into NTFS filesystem now does not have
  HDD capacity limitations and can be used with huge HDDs.

• When a HDD with an EFI system partition is attached, the EFI system
  partition is now not shown in the GUI.

• SDK: added new firmware customization possibility: custom firmware may now
  use a custom value of signer_id for signed plugins. See more information
  in SDK documentation.

• Bugfix: AC3 or DTS audio could be played wrongly in specific rare cases.

• Bugfix: Custom folders based on dune_folder.txt mechanism could be
  rendered in a wrong way in specific cases, when an old behavior of
  dune_folder.txt mechanism was expected.

• Bugfix: PHP plugins: FWD and REW RC buttons did not work as expected in
  some cases.

• Bugfix: GUI could crash in some specific rare cases when icon archive
  feature was used.

• Bugfix: when playing very high-bitrate lossless audio files (FLAC,
  Wavpack) from an SMB network share, stuttering could take place in some

• Bugfix: playback of MPEG-TS stream containing a lot of errors could lead
  to playback crash in some rare specific cases.

• Added new "adaptive+" deinterlacing mode, which should work better than
  the old "adaptive" mode on specific video content.

• Bugfix: when playing a media_url with "dune_params" extra parameters,
  playback recovering from a network fault could be handled wrongly in some

• Bugfix: when playing HLS (and some other MPEG-TS based) content, audio
  track switching could work wrongly in some cases.

• Bugfix: for models which do not support full power-off: a request to do
  power-off could be handled wrongly in some cases.

• Hungarian UI translation updated.

Version "150227_0032_b9"
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_150227_0032_b9.dff

Version "140827_0132_b9" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_140827_0132_b9.dff

Version "141127_0032_b8"
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_141127_0032_b8.dff

Version "140825_2251_b8"
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_140825_2251_b8.dff

Version "140815_2111_b8"
Download: dune_firmware_tv102v2_140815_2111_b8.dff
The first official version ever shipped with production players.