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If you are a user of Dune player, and would like to send some comments on your experience with the player, ask a question on the player usage, or propose some improvements or additional feature, you can use the following forums:

These forums are regularly checked by representatives of the teams taking part in manufacturing Dune players and firmware development.

Besides, there are a lot of users experienced in Dune player usage on these forums, and you may get their help on your questions / problems.

Warranty and Service

For warranty and service issues (hardware problems, RMA, etc), please always contact directly your reseller.

Debug Dumps (Reporting Problems to Manufacturer)

If you encounter a problem with Dune player functioning (some file does not play, some function does not work, player crashes, etc) and you want to report this problem to the manufacturer (to help the manufacturer to diagnose the problem, to help the manufacturer to find and fix the problem in the firmware, etc), it could be very helpful to generate a so called "debug dump file" after reproducing the problem and send the debug dump file (together with the detailed problem description) directly to the manufacturer.

NOTE: Please report different problems separately.

Instruction for generating a debug dump file:

  1. Prepare for debug dump generation:
  2. Generate a debug dump file:
    1. Attach a USB flash drive to the player, and open the USB flash drive in the file browser of the player. (You can also just navigate to any writable folder on any local or network storage, accessible from the player.)
    2. If you use the latest firmware version (110923_1710 or newer) (for all Dune HD models):
      • Press the "REW" ("<<") RC button 3 times.
      If you use firmware version 110511_2007_beta or newer (only for Dune HD models having "big" remote control):
      • Press the "PAUSE" RC button 3 times.
      If you use firmware version 110225_1222 or earlier:
      • Press the "A" RC button (red button) 3 times. (If you have a very old Dune HD model with silver RC w/o "A" button: use "SHUFFLE" RC button instead.)
    3. The player will show a dialog requesting to confirm the creation of the debug dump file. Confirm the dialog.
    4. The player will create a debug dump file in the current folder.

Instruction for sending a debug dump file to the manufacturer: