Dune Firmware Zone

Hardware Compatibility - USB WiFi

In firmware versions older than 100307_2100_beta, only D-Link DWA 140 rev.B1 802.11n USB WiFi adapter was supported.

Starting with the firmware version 100307_2100_beta, Dune players do not impose any special restrictions on USB WiFi adapters that may be used, except the restrictions imposed by the included WiFi drivers. All USB WiFi adapters supported by the included WiFi drivers (see below) can be potentially connected to Dune, and have chances to work OK.

NOTE: It is not guaranteed that all of the listed below USB WiFi adapters will work OK with Dune (this has not been not tested, and there may be driver issues or hardware compatibility issues). The USB WiFi adapters known/reported to work OK with Dune are specially marked (see below).

USB WiFi adapters based on RALink RT2770/RT2870 chipset (for all Dune player models):

WiFi driver: RALink RT2870 version

USB IDs recognized by the WiFi driver and Dune firmware:

        0411:00e8 Buffalo WLI-UC-G300N
        0471:200f Philips
        04e8:2018 samsung linkstick2
        050d:8053 Belkin
        050d:815c Belkin F5D8053
        0586:3416 Zyxel
        0789:0162 Logitec 2870
        0789:0163 Logitec 2870
        0789:0164 Logitec 2870
        07aa:002f Corega
        07aa:003c Corega
        07aa:003f Corega
        07b8:2770 AboCom
        07b8:2870 AboCom
    --- 07d1:3c09 D-Link DWA-140 B1                     --- REPORTED TO WORK OK (THE MOST TESTED ONE)
        07d1:3c11 D-Link DWA-160
        083a:6618 Accton
        083a:7512 Arcadyan 2770
        083a:7522 Arcadyan
        083a:8522 Arcadyan
        083a:a618 SMC
        083a:b522 SMC
    --- 0b05:1731 Asus WL-160N                          --- REPORTED TO WORK OK
        0b05:1732 Asus
        0b05:1742 Asus
        0cde:0022 ZCOM
        0cde:0025 Zyxel
        0df6:0017 Sitecom
        0df6:002b Sitecom
        0df6:002c Sitecom
        0df6:002d Sitecom
        0df6:0039 Sitecom 2770
        0df6:003f Sitecom 2770
        0e66:0001 Hawking
        0e66:0003 Hawking
        100d:9031 Motorola 2770
        1044:800b Gigabyte
        129b:1828 Siemens
        13d3:3247 AzureWave
        1482:3c09 Abocom
    --- 148f:2770 Ralink = Trendnet TEW-644UB           --- REPORTED TO WORK OK
    --- 148f:2870 Ralink = Trendnet TEW-624UB           --- REPORTED TO WORK OK
        14b2:3c06 Conceptronic
        14b2:3c07 AL
        14b2:3c09 Alpha
        14b2:3c23 Airlink
        14b2:3c25 Draytek
        14b2:3c27 Airlink
        14b2:3c28 Conceptronic
        157e:300e U-Media
        15a9:0006 Sparklan
        15c5:0008 Amit
        1690:0740 Askey
        1737:0070 Linksys WUSB100
        1737:0071 Linksys WUSB600N
        1740:9701 EnGenius
        1740:9702 EnGenius
        177f:0302 lsusb
        2019:ed06 Planex Communications, Inc.
        5a57:0280 Zinwell
        5a57:0282 Zinwell

USB WiFi adapters based on RALink RT3070/3071/3072 chipset (only for Dune player models based on Sigma Designs 864x/865x platforms):

WiFi driver: RALink RT3070 version

USB IDs recognized by the WiFi driver and Dune firmware:

        04bb:0945 I-O DATA 3072
        07b8:3070 AboCom 3070
        07b8:3071 AboCom 3071
        07b8:3072 Abocom 3072
    --- 07d1:3c0a D-Link 3072 DWA-140 B2                --- REPORTED TO WORK OK
        07d1:3c0d D-Link 3070
        07d1:3c0e D-Link 3070
        07d1:3c0f D-Link 3070
        083a:7511 Arcadyan 3070
        0db0:3820 Ralink 3070
        0df6:003e Sitecom 3070
        0df6:0042 Sitecom 3072
        1044:800d Gigabyte GN-WB32L 3070
        13d3:3273 AzureWave 3070
        148f:3070 Ralink 3070
        148f:3071 Ralink 3071
    --- 148f:3072 Ralink 3072 = EDUP ED-300             --- REPORTED TO WORK OK
        14b2:3c12 AL 3070
        1740:9703 EnGenius 3070
        1740:9705 EnGenius 3071
        1740:9706 EnGenius 3072
        18c5:0012 Corega 3070
        1a32:0304 Quanta 3070
        1d4d:000c Pegatron Corporation 3070
        1d4d:000e Pegatron Corporation 3070
        1eda:2310 AirTies 3070
        2019:ab25 Planex Communications:Inc. RT3070
        203d:1480 Encore 3070
        5a57:0283 Zinwell 3072
        5a57:5257 Zinwell 3070
        7392:7711 Edimax 3070