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Z-Wave Support

Dune HD Player Models with Z-Wave Support

The following Dune HD player models have built-in support for Z-Wave Smart Home technology:

Z-Wave Support in Dune HD Solo 4K and Dune HD Duo 4K


Z-Wave-enabled versions of Dune HD Solo 4K and Dune HD Duo 4K media players include a built-in Z-Wave hardware (Z-Wave module "Sigma Designs ZM5304") which supports the integration of the media player into Z-Wave based smart home environments and the use of the media player as a Z-Wave Smart Home Controller.

The Z-Wave Smart Home controller can be used to manage Z-Wave devices, and additionally provides various high-level Home Automation functionality (rules, scripting, integration with non-Z-Wave systems, etc).

The Z-Wave Smart Home controller functionality can be accessed via the Web UI, which can be opened in a browser on a PC, and also via iOS and Android applications. For custom integrations, HTTP / JavaScript API is available.

NOTE: To use Z-Wave functionality, "Z-Wave Controller" application should be installed on the media player. The application is available in Dune Store catalog in "Applications" section.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Install "Z-Wave Controller" application from Dune Store.
  2. Ensure the media player is configured not to power-off completely when entering standby mode (i.e. to use so called "software standby mode").
  3. Connect to Z-Wave controller via Web Interface:
  4. NOTE: Z-Wave devices use different frequencies (e.g. US, EU, RU) in different countries, and Dune HD media players may include Z-Wave modules supporting and configured to use different frequencies. You need to ensure that your Z-Wave devices and your Dune HD media player use the same frequency. If you want to use your Dune HD media player with Z-Wave devices having RU frequency, you need first to configure your player to use RU frequency.
  5. Using Web Interface, perform the initial configuration of Z-Wave controller according to your needs.
  6. If you want, you can install and use iOS/Android application on your iOS/Android table or mobile device.
  7. If you want, you can access Z-Wave controller from Internet.

Z-Wave Frequencies

Z-Wave devices use difference frequencies in different countries. For example, there are US, EU, RU Z-Wave frequencies.

Dune HD media players may be shipped with two kinds of Z-Wave modules:

Typically, Z-Wave modules in Dune HD media players shipped to EU and other countries are of EU version (and configured to use EU frequency), and Z-Wave modules in Dune HD media players shipped to US are of US version.

To check the currently configured Z-Wave frequency and to switch the media player between EU and RU frequencies, the Expert section of the Web Interface can be used:


The user manual describing Z-Wave controller functionality is available here:

Z-Wave controller functionality is based on Z-Way software from Z-Wave.Me. For more information about Z-Way software and its features, please see:

For more information on Z-Wave technology, please see:


If you have questions or issues with the functionality of Z-Way software you can ask for support here:


Certification Information

Z-Wave Plus certification information: