Dune Firmware Zone

Dune HD AV1 4K

Version "240619_1810_r22" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv182a_240619_1810_r22.dff
Changes since 240515_2151_r22:
• AV1 4K model: Added setting "Setup / Audio / HDMI audio" (same as in 8K models).

• AV1 4K model: Added setting "Setup / Video / CEC / Media player remote controls AVR volume" (same as in 8K models).

• 8K, AV1 4K models: Non-relevant settings in "Setup / Audio" menu are now grayed out for conveniency (same as in "Setup / Video" menu).

• 8K, AV1 4K models: Bugfix: DTS HD and DD+ audio tracks in MP4 files were not recognized in some cases.

• 8K, AV1 4K models: Bugfix: Specific MPEG TS files could not be played.

• 8K, AV1 4K models: Bugfix: Specific BD ISO files could not be played.

• 8K, AV1 4K models: Bugfix: Auto resolution switching did not work properly in some cases.

• All models: A folder in builtin memory now can be added to My Collecton. This is useful in particular for cloud drive plugins which use builtin memory for mounting cloud drives. Small other GUI and performance improvements useful for cloud drive plugins.

• All models: Bugfix: When showing total / used / free space on a drive, wrong values could be shown in some cases.

• All models: Bugfix: The information about playback position could be not saved when switching the media player off. Now it is remembered before power off, on pause, and every 5 minutes during playback.

• All models: For developers: Improved support for running scripts from "FS_PREFIX/config/boot" folder.

• All models: For developers: The file "/tmp/run/shutdown_killall.txt" can be used by plugins to register processes to be killed before system reboot or power off.

• All models: Small GUI impovements and fixes.

• All models: Some UI translations updated/improved.

• All models: Some other internal changes.

Version "240515_2151_r22" (the latest stable version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv182a_240515_2151_r22.dff
The first version which was available via online update and which could be really used.

Version "231215_1216_r22"
Download: N/A (it not available / is not recommended for this player model)
The first official version ever shipped with production players.