Dune HD Media Center App - NFS

Dune HD Media Center app has a built-in NFS client which allows you to connect to NFS servers.

Because of certified Android TV solution (and Google security requirements), NFS client uses so-called "non-privileged" port.

Because of this, it can connect only to NFS servers which allow connections from non-privileged ports. Many NFS servers allow this by default. If your NFS server does not allow it, you need to change its configuration. See below for the details.

How to connect to Synology NFS server

Enable the following setting in Synology:

Allow connections from non-privileged ports (ports higher than 1024): Checking this option allows NFS clients to use non-privileged ports (i.e. ports greater than 1024) when connecting to the Synology NAS.
See more details here.

How to connect to Linux NFS server

Ensure that "insecure" option is used in Linux NFS server configuration. For example, in "/etc/exports" file:

/my_shared_dir  *(insecure)