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Dune players have a limited support for IPTV channels playback. You can use this feature only if your Internet provider provides IPTV channels matching the following specifications:

Consult with your Internet provider to check if such IPTV channels are available.

How to use IPTV feature.

Approach A. Use .M3U files. Just put multicast IPTV URLs corresponding to available IPTV channels (udp://@ip-address:port, the same syntax as used in VLC PC application) into one or several .M3U file and launch these .M3U files in the player.

Approach B. Use nice-looking menus with logo icons for each IPTV channel. Download and use an existing configuration prepared by someone else (see below for sample configurations), or create your own configuration using the so called "dune_folder" mechanism (more details).

Additional usage information:

Sample configurations of IPTV menu with nice logo icons.

Sample configurations (NOTE: use the latest WinRar version to extract the content of these ZIP archives, to ensure that national characters in the filenames are handled properly):

Using IPTV menu in the main screen.

To use a particular IPTV configuration as the IPTV menu in the main screen, do the following:

  1. Ensure that "SETUP / Applications / IPTV / Show in main screen" setting is set to "Yes".
  2. If you use Dune HD Ultra or Dune HD Mini player: ensure that "IPTV_config" folder exists at the top level of the "primary" drive attached to the player ("primary" drive is: internal HDD if it is installed; first recognized USB drive if internal HDD is not installed). If the "IPTV_config" folder does not exist, create it, e.g. using the regular "create folder" function of the file browser. After that, "IPTV" item will be shown in the main screen.
  3. Download a ZIP archive with an IPTV configuration (IPTV_config_xxx.zip).
  4. Using a PC, extract "IPTV_config" folder from the ZIP archive into some storage media (e.g. onto USB flash drive, or via network to some player's attached drive).
  5. In the player's setup menu, enable showing of system files (set the setting "Setup / Misc / Advanced / Hide System Files" to the value "No") (this is needed to show "dune_folder.txt" files, which are hidden by default).
  6. In the player's file browser, open the extracted "IPTV_config" folder and copy all files ("dune_folder.txt" and all subfolders) into the "IPTV" item of the main screen using the usual file browser functions: MENU / "Mark All", MENU / "Copy Marked Items", open the "IPTV" item of the main screen, MENU / "Paste".
  7. In the player's setup menu, disable showing of system files (set the setting "Setup / Misc / Advanced / Hide System Files" to the value "Yes").