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Netflix on Dune HD media players

Android TV and Netflix-certified models

Dune HD media players with Android TV and Netflix certifications have excellent support for Netflix and other streaming services. Recommended models:
Dune HD Premier 4K Pro
Dune HD Homatics Box R 4K Plus
BOXY with Dune HD Media Center

Non-ATV models

Below is the information for "non-ATV" models of Dune HD media players which do not have Android TV and Netflix certifications.

No official Netflix support. Netflix support is not guaranteed.
It may work with problems or stop working at any time.
Non-ATV Dune HD media players are excellent for high-end media playback from HDD / NAS, not for streaming services.
For best Netflix experience, use a separate Netflix-certified device.
More details.

Are Non-ATV Dune HD media players recommended for watching Netflix?

No. Netflix is not officially supported. Unfortunately, Netflix limits and blocks the possibilities to use its service on all media players except a few selected models from the biggest brands. So Netflix support is not guaranteed, it works with limitations and may stopping working at any time. See here more details on this.

But I really want to watch Netflix on non-ATV Dune HD media players. Is it possible?

Currently, yes. See below for possibilities.

Current status

The "TV" version of the official Netflix app can no longer be used (because of Netflix policy).

The following apps can be used:

How to install:

  1. Delete the "TV" Neflix app (it has white icon): go to "Android apps", choose "Netflix", press "POP UP MENU", choose "Delete".
  2. Download the APK file, choose the APK file in the file browser and press "ENTER".
  3. Note: the "Mobile" Netflix app has black icon:

How to use Netflix Mobile app

How to use the remote:

How to use the mouse mode:

How to launch Netflix from Dune HD Movies catalog:


How to use Netflix KODI app

How to use the remote:


More details on Netflix support in general:

Netflix is not an advertised function of non-ATV Dune HD media players and is not part of product specifications.

There is no official support for Netflix in non-ATV Dune HD media players. The reason is that Netflix does not want their app to be present and to work on all media players, except very few specially selected and specially certified media player models from the biggest companies. So Netflix limits or blocks the possibilities to use Netflix on non-certified devices. Unfortunately, Netflix does not want to certify the hardware and software platform used in non-ATV Dune HD media players (because of insufficient global sales of models on this platform for them). So, Netflix support can not be guaranteed and it is not guaranteed. The possibility to use Netflix completely depends on Netflix and may be limited or blocked by Netflix at any time.

The main purpose of non-ATV Dune HD media players is playback of high-end audio/video content from local sources (HDD or NAS) with the best possible quality and convenience, using the preintegrated and optimized built-in software, which is available "out-of-the-box", w/o the need to install and configure any apps.

Support for Android apps and streaming services in non-ATV models is only an additional extra function. The possibility to use Netflix on non-ATV Dune HD media players exists only because many users want it. As a matter of fact, non-ATV Dune HD media players always have had the best Netflix support among all competitors based on the same hardware and software platform. For example, among media players based on the superb Realtek RTD1619DR media processor, Dune HD products were the first able to play Netflix content in 4K HDR + ATMOS (until this possibility was blocked by Netflix), and are the only products with automatic framerate/resolution matching function supported and optimized for apps like Netflix. Also Dune HD products have an unique integration of Netflix content directly into the media player interface. However, unfortunatelty, Netflix tries hard to limit the possibilities to use its service on non-certified hardware.

If you want a guaranteed and best possible Netflix experience, use a Netflix-certified media player.