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Types of Dune HD Remotes

There are the following types of Dune HD Remotes:

Google-certified Bluetooth remotes

Dune HD Bluetooth remotes

DuneHD RC X2001:

Dune Remote R0:

Dune Remote R1:

Dune Remote R3:

Troubleshooting for Bluetooth remotes

Google IR codes

Google-certified Bluetooth remotes and Google-certified Dune HD media players with built-in IR receiver use Google IR codes (Dune HD IR codes are not supported).

You can also learn Google IR codes into a 3-party learnable remote directly from Google-certified remote by switching this remote into IR mode.

Dune HD IR codes

Other Dune HD IR Remotes and Non-ATV Dune HD media layer models use NEC IR protocol with custom Dune HD IR codes. Different generations of Dune HD IR Remotes use different NEC IR customer codes:

NOTE: All firmware versions of all non-ATV Dune HD models support the customer code "00 BF". The customer code "CF CF" is supported by latest Dune HD models, and is partially supported by latest FW updates for previous Dune HD models (exiting "hardware standby" mode on these Dune HD models still requires the use of the customer code "00 BF"). So, when programming third-party programmable remote controls or smart-home systems, it is recommended to use the customer code "00 BF", which is fully compatible with all Dune HD models and all FW versions.

Dune HD IR codes (for non-ATV Dune HD media layers) (latest Remote models use CF CF instead 00 BF):

    EJECT                    00 BF 10 EF
    MUTE                     00 BF 46 B9
    MODE                     00 BF 45 BA
    POWER                    00 BF 43 BC
    A                        00 BF 40 BF
    B                        00 BF 1F E0
    C                        00 BF 00 FF
    D                        00 BF 41 BE
    1                        00 BF 0B F4
    2                        00 BF 0C F3
    3                        00 BF 0D F2
    4                        00 BF 0E F1
    5                        00 BF 0F F0
    6                        00 BF 01 FE
    7                        00 BF 11 EE
    8                        00 BF 12 ED
    9                        00 BF 13 EC
    0                        00 BF 0A F5
    CLEAR                    00 BF 05 FA
    SELECT                   00 BF 42 BD
    V+                       00 BF 52 AD
    V-                       00 BF 53 AC
    P+                       00 BF 4B B4
    P-                       00 BF 4C B3
    SEARCH                   00 BF 06 F9
    ZOOM                     00 BF 02 FD
    SETUP                    00 BF 4E B1
    UP                       00 BF 15 EA
    DOWN                     00 BF 16 E9
    LEFT                     00 BF 17 E8
    RIGHT                    00 BF 18 E7
    ENTER                    00 BF 14 EB
    RETURN                   00 BF 04 FB
    INFO                     00 BF 50 AF
    POP UP MENU              00 BF 07 F8
    TOP MENU                 00 BF 51 AE
    PLAY                     00 BF 48 B7        * RCU models with discrete PLAY and PAUSE buttons
    PAUSE                    00 BF 1E E1        * RCU models with discrete PLAY and PAUSE buttons
    PLAY/PAUSE               00 BF 48 B7        * RCU models with combined "PLAY/PAUSE" button
    PREV                     00 BF 49 B6
    NEXT                     00 BF 1D E2
    STOP                     00 BF 19 E6
    SLOW                     00 BF 1A E5
    REW                      00 BF 1C E3
    FWD                      00 BF 1B E4
    SUBTITLE                 00 BF 54 AB
    AUDIO                    00 BF 44 BB

    PLAY/PAUSE               00 BF 1E E1        * Just one legacy RCU revision shipped with some TV-102 batches, discontinued
    ANGLE/ROTATE             00 BF 4D B2        * legacy only, discontinued

    REPEAT                   00 BF 4F B0        * legacy big v1 only, discontinued
    SHUFFLE/PIP              00 BF 47 B8        * legacy big v1 only, discontinued
    URL/2nd audio            00 BF 03 FC        * legacy big v1 only, discontinued

    REC                      00 BF 60 9F        * legacy big v2 only, discontinued
    DUNE                     00 BF 61 9E        * legacy big v2 only, discontinued
    URL                      00 BF 62 9D        * legacy big v2 only, discontinued

    REC                      00 BF 55 AA        * legacy small only, discontinued
    PLAY/PAUSE               00 BF 56 A9        * legacy small only, discontinued
    TOP MENU/DUNE            00 BF 57 A8        * legacy small only, discontinued

    KEYBRD                   00 BF 03 FC        * RCU models with KEYRBD button -- just one RCU model, discontinued

    MOUSE                    00 BF 4F B0        * RCU models with MOUSE button
    RECENT / FAV1            00 BF 61 9E        * RCU models with RECENT / FAV1 button
    FAVORITES / FAV2         00 BF 74 8B        * RCU models with FAVORITES / FAV2 button
    TV                       00 BF 63 9C        * RCU models with TV button
    MOVIES                   00 BF 47 B8        * RCU models with MOVIES button
    MUSIC                    00 BF 58 A7        * RCU models with MUSIC button

Notes about support for legacy Remote models in legacy Dune HD models:

Full Power Off Using Remote (some models)

Full Power Off Using Remote is supported for many models starting with Dune HD Base 2.0. These player models have a special setting (Setup / Misc / Power Management / "POWER" button behavior) allowing to specify whether the "POWER" remote button should trigger "software standby" or "power off" (hardware standby).

It is also possible to perform an emergency "full power off" by pressing and holding the "POWER" remote button for a few seconds (supported only for models with special power management microcontroller), but this special possibility is not recommended for the regular usage (since this is handled purely by the hardware, and the player can not shutdown properly, such as properly writing all changes to connected HDDs).

Discrete Power On/Off IR Codes (some models)

Starting with the firmware version 091229_1411_beta, all Dune HD player models (except Google-certified ATV models) have support for DISCRETE-POWER-ON and DISCRETE-POWER-OFF IR commands. These IR commands can not be generated using any Dune HD Remote, and are intended only for users of programmable remotes.

IR HEX codes for DISCRETE-POWER-ON and DISCRETE-POWER-OFF commands (NEC protocol, customer code 00 BF):

    DISCRETE-POWER-ON       00 BF 5F A0

The player handles these DISCRETE-POWER-ON and DISCRETE-POWER-OFF IR commands exactly the same way as the standard POWER IR command (generated by the "POWER" RC button on the standard Dune remote), with the only difference that DISCRETE-POWER-ON is ignored if the player is already switched on, and DISCRETE-POWER-OFF is ignored if the player is already switched off.

Notes on DISCRETE-POWER-ON IR command and standby modes in various Dune HD models:

Forcing power-off (some models)

Some Dune HD models starting with Dune HD Smart/Max/Duo can be forced to perform full power-off by pressing and holding POWER RC button for a few seconds; in this case, the power-off is forced by the hardware and the software has no chance to handle it (e.g. write unchanged data to disks etc), so it should be used carefully (e.g. when the player hangs up). The recommended way to put the player into full power-off mode is to configure POWER RC button to do full power-off. The following approach can also be used: if POWER RC button is configured to enter software standby, the following alternative approach can be used: first press POWER RC button and wait for the player to enter standby mode; then press and hold POWER RC button for 2-3 seconds, and then release it -- this will trigger full power-off with proper software handling.

Automatic power-on mode (some models)

Some Dune HD models starting with Dune HD Smart/Max/Duo do not boot automatically when the power is connected. Instead they are put by default into hardware standby mode, and wait for the user to explicitly request power-on.

Some Dune HD media players which have a special power management microcontroller (such as Dune HD Smart D1/B1/H1 with serial number on the unit ASD1LHVAA***1123***00001 or greater, Dune HD Lite 53D, Dune HD TV-101/301) can be reprogrammed to boot automatically on power-on. Reprogramming affects the flash memory of the microcontroller which is responsible for power on/off handling, and can be done in the following way:

- Put the unit into hardware standby (full power-off) mode.
- Carefully direct the RC onto the IR eye.
- Carefully press the following sequence of RC buttons:
    P, O, W, E, R, 1, ENTER
- The unit should LED-blink once. If the unit does not blink, try again
  several times. If it does not work, it means the unit has an old version
  of the MCU firmware and auto-power-on mode is not supported by the unit.
- To disable auto-power-on: the same, but press:
    P, O, W, E, R, 0, ENTER

IR extender

Some Dune HD media players have a 3.5mm IR extender port for connecting an IR extender. It uses the following pinout: IR extender pinout.