Dune HD External Tuner DVB-T2/T/C


Dune HD External Tuner DVB-T2/T/C is an extension module compatible with the following Dune HD media player models:

Note: It is not suitable for connecting to a PC.

How to connect the hardware:

  1. Disconnect the power cable from the media player.
  2. Connect the Dune HD External Tuner to the extension connector (labeled "Antenna") on the back of the media player.
  3. Connect the antenna cable to Dune HD External Tuner and to a cable socket for DVB-C or to an antenna (household or portable active).
  4. Connect the power cable to the media player.

How to set up the TV application:

  1. After loading the box, press the "TV" button on the remote to launch the Live TV application.
  2. On the first run, you will see the initial screen of the setup wizard - "TV First Installation".
  3. Select your country (region) and the main language of audio broadcasting and subtitles.
  4. Set up the display of subtitles.
  5. Configure LCN (whether to accept information transmitted by the operator about the logical numbers of channels for sorting channels after searching).
  6. Select which type of tuner will be used when scanning channels - DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-T + T2, DVB-C.
  7. If you are using a portable antenna powered by cable from the box, then set the Antenna Power item.
  8. If Auto search is selected, set the channel type to search FTA (free to air) or ALL (all) channels. The software allows you to watch only FTA (free to air) channels. If your broadcasting operator correctly transmits service information, then it is better to select this item, otherwise you will receive a large number of encrypted channels after scanning.
  9. Select the type of broadcasting services ALL, TV, Radio and start scanning by pressing the Scan button.
  10. During the scan, the application will show the list of found TV / Radio channels and, upon completion of the search, will switch to the display mode.
  11. If you have chosen a DVB-C tuner, then in Auto mode you will need to select the Symbol Rate of broadcasting channels (please check the proper Symbol Rate with the operator).
  12. The choice of channel type and service type is also available.
  13. If you have chosen LCN support during the initial setup, then after scanning, all channels will be sorted by the numbers transmitted by the broadcast operator in the service information, otherwise sorting by channel names will be performed.

How to use the TV application:

  1. Press the TV button on the remote to launch the Live TV application.
  2. To display a list of channels, press the CENTER button on the remote, then use the arrows to select the desired channel and select it with the CENTER button.
  3. When watching TV channels, pressing the TV or BOOKMARK buttons on the remote brings up the application menu where you can select to view EPG, set timers for recording (having previously connected a drive with the exFAT / FAT32 file system) or delayed watching, as well as other settings.