• WIFI media


    Postal Code: 6811JL

    Address: Vossenstraat 3

  • Informatique computers en componenten B.V.


    Postal Code: 2661 DG

    Address: Weg en Bos 9

    Description: Reseller of computer hardware and software.

    Contact person: Robbert van der Linde

    Post: Marketingmanager

    Phone: 0031-5191650

  • Media Markt


    Description: Part of the Media Markt Saturn Holding BV, 33 stores in The Netherlands. Media Markt is leader in the consumer electronics market in The Netherlands and is known by 95 percent of all Dutch people. The first Dutch store was opened in 1999 in Rotterdam. Each weekend we average receive over 550,000 visitors in our stores. Since April 12, 2011, customers can make their purchases online in the Media Markt-shop. With the largest range of electronic products of all brands, fair prices and excellent service from Media Markt visitors know exactly what to expect.



    Postal Code: 3061 AM Rotterdam

    Address: Oudedijk 94

    Description: Media Center Shop

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