Dune Firmware Zone

Dune HD Neo 4K T2

Version "180420_0153_r12" (the latest stable version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv174a_180420_0153_r12.dff (ZIP)
Changes since 180215_1248_r12:
- New feature: Playback of BD4K images is now supported in Dune HD internal
  player (both BDMV and BD ISO are supported).

- New feature: Decoding of DTS audio tracks (stereo downmix) is now
  supported in Dune HD internal player.

- New feature: Decoding of DTS HD HRA, DTS HD MA, DTS:X audio tracks
  (stereo downmix) is now supported in Dune HD internal player (for MKV,
  M2TS, BD images; DTS core is extracted and decoded).

- New feature: Decoding of TrueHD and Atmos audio tracks (stereo downmix)
  is now supported in Dune HD internal player (for M2TS and BD images, not
  for MKV; DD core is extracted and decoded).

- New feature: DD decoding quality is improved and it now supports Dolby
  DRC (Dynamic Range Control). (DRC mode can be adjusted via "Setup /
  System" menu.)

- New feature: Remembering and restoring playback position is now supported
  in Dune HD internal player (same as on Sigma models). Remembered playback
  position is shown in Recent menu.

- New feature: When starting file playback and there is a remembered
  playback position, a question is asked to resume playback from the
  remembered position or to start from the beginning. The new setting
  "Setup / Playback / Preferences / Resume playback" allows to control this
  behavior, with the following options: Yes, No, Ask user. The default is
  "Ask user".

- New feature: REPEAT and SHUFFLE functions for playlists are now
  implemented (same as on Sigma models).

- New feature: Subtitles visualization settings (vertical offset, color,
  font) are now remembered (same as on Sigma models).

- New feature: Added setting "Setup / Misc / Encodings / Subtitles
  encoding" which allows to specify subtitles encoding (same as on Sigma

- New feature: Sleep timer is now implemented (same as on Sigma models,
  works only when working with Dune HD GUI). By default it is disabled. It
  can be enabled via the new setting "Setup / Misc / Power manamenent /
  Sleep timer".

- New feature: Added support for HFS+ (Mac OS X) partitions on storage
  devices with GPT partition table (in addition to previously supported MBR
  partition table).

- New feature: Added support for storage devices with hybrid MBR/GPT
  partition table.

- New feature: Added support for storage devices formatted without
  partition table.

- Improvement: EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 and BTRS partitions on storage devices are
  now mounted more correctly (with full read-write permissions).

- Improvement: Storage devices are now mounted more robustly, even if they
  were not correctly ejected last time.

- Improvement: NFS browser now searches for NFS servers on all network
  interfaces when both Ethernet and Wi-Fi are enabled simultaneously.

- Improvement: Automatic detection of subtitle encoding now works more

- Improvement: In initial setup wizard, if the connected TV supports 4K, 4K
  resolution is now recommended by default.

- Improvement: In initial setup wizard, the suggested by default timezone
  is now automatically detected based on GeoIP (when Internet is

- Improvement: When Community source is enabled in Dune Store and there are
  a lot of applications to choose, applications are split by categories (as
  on Sigma models).

- Improvement: "+" item in "Android applications" menu can now be removed
  (hidden) via "Delete" command in POP UP MENU, and then restored via
  "Restore hidden applications" command (i.e. same way as for other
  built-in applications).

- Improvement: When UI Type 1 is used, "Android applications" section is
  now also available.

- Improvement: When UI Type 2 is used, the "Applications" tab now has a
  proper title "Applications" (rather than "Dune HD Applications").

- Improvement: The hint about possibility to use "POP UP MENU" RC button is
  now shown on other main screens where it was not previously shown, but
  the button actually could be used.

- Improvement: When performing "Reset Settings" action, a message is now
  shown while the system is handling it.

- Improvement: Kartina.TV application includes now some new minor

- Bugfix: In initial setup wizard, when booting w/o HDMI cable connected,
  the wizard crashed.

- Bugfix: Playback crash could happen when stopping or finishing playback.

- Bugfix: Starting audio playback immediately after player boot could cause
  playback crash.

- Bugfix: Playback could hang when switching TV channels very fast.

- Bugfix: Playback problems or crashes could happen in some cases after
  long use of the player or after a lot of switching between TV channels.

- Bugfix: Subtitles could become not working till player reboot in some

- Bugfix: Playback of TS files and streams could hang in some cases when
  teletext subtitles substream is present in the stream.

- Bugfix: Pressing NEXT RC button could cause playback crash.

- Bugfix: Wrong information about the index of the current playlist element
  could be shown in INFO panel.

- Bugfix: BD ISO with quotes in filename could not be played.

- Bugfix: Plugin auto-resume and auto-start could not work in some cases
  when booting or when exiting standby mode.

- Bugfix: Storage devices could not detected correctly when existing from
  standby mode in some cases.

- Improvements for PHP plugins and PHP API:

   - New feature: For TV plugins which support TV archive (catchup),
     LEFT/RIGHT RC buttons can now be used to switch to archive mode and
     seek in the archive even in Live TV mode. For TV plugins which do not
     support archive, LEFT/RIGHT RC buttons are now correctly ignored in
     Live TV mode.

   - New feature: "PLAYBACK_STOP" action now supports the following
     additional parameters: "plugin_vod_stop_position",
     "plugin_vod_duration", "plugin_vod_start_tm", "plugin_vod_stop_tm",

   - New feature: Added the possibility to use different fonts for the
     information shown in the right panel. The following new commands are
     now supported for "%ext%" syntax in
      - "%ext%%fN%": use font size N (0..2) for the current text line.
      - "%ext%%f+%": increase font size for the current text line.
      - "%ext%%f-%": decrease font size for the current text line.

   - Improvement: In skins w/o glasses ("disable_glasses" set to "yes"),
     such as "Silver" or "Black" skins, a bit more space (30 pixels at the
     left and 30 pixels at the right) is now allocated to show useful
     information in the right panel.

   - Improvement: When loading images from HTTPS, the performance is now

   - Improvement: When PHP plugin uses auto-resume functionality,
     "ip_address_required" setting is now enabled by default for this

   - Improvement: folder ".platform.android" can now be used to store
     Android-specific versions of platform-dependent plugin files (such has
     native executables) in the plugin (similar to ".platform.87xx" folder
     that can be used for SMP87xx-specific files).

   - Bugfix: "/tmp/run/ext_command.state" was not implemented; now it
     contains the information about current playback state (same as on
     Sigma models).

   - Bugfix: Playback timer did not work.

   - Bugfix: Saving/restoring playback position during auto-resume and
     setting initial playback position using
     PluginVodInfo::initial_position_ms did not work properly.

   - Bugfix: In "PLAYBACK_STOP" action, in rare cases,
     "plugin_vod_series_ndx" and "plugin_tv_channel_id" parameters could
     contain wrong information.

   - Bugfix: When switching to playlist item N, the next item (N+1) was
     actually wrongly used.

   - Bugfix: In TV OSD, crash could occur in some specific cases when
     trying to scroll through the list of TV channels.

- Other minor improvements/fixes.

Version "180215_1248_r12"
Download: dune_firmware_tv174a_180215_1248_r12.dff (ZIP)
Changes since 171205_1024_r12:
The first version that was recommended for Neo 4K, Neo 4K T2, Neo 4K T2

This version adds Dune HD internal player, Google Play services, DD
decoding, built-in shortcuts to popular Android applications, integration
of SPMC application as DVD playback engine (and as optional file playback
engine) with automatic installation and configuration, and many other
improvements and fixes.

Version "171205_1024_r12"
Download: N/A (has not been released, or is not recommended, for this player model)
The first official version ever shipped with production players.