Dune HD Media Center App

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Versions and changes

The app can be updated to the desired version in the menu "Setup - Misc - App upgrade".
For manual APK download, choose: "dune" for all models except BOXY, "boxy" for BOXY.

13-240123_0207 (beta): dune boxy

13-230924_2058 (stable): dune boxy

13-230601_1453 (beta): dune boxy

13-230512_2328 (stable): dune boxy

12-230429_1350 (stable): dune boxy

12-230404_2222 (beta): dune boxy

12-230331_2132 (stable): dune boxy

12-230325_0142 (stable): dune boxy

12-230314_2210: dune boxy

12-230312_2057: dune boxy