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Dune HD RealBox 4K

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Version "200910_2300_r14" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175x_200910_2300_r14.dff
Changes since 200415_0405_r14:
- Improvement: Improved support for very high bitrate (200Mbit/s and more)
  video files.

- Improvement: Added experimental optimizations to make video playback more
  smooth in Android applications. Currently used for YouTube and some other
  selected applications.

- Bugfix: Specific ISO files could not be played.

- Bugfix: Playback could hang in specific rare cases (e.g. when playing
  specific MKV file with internal SRT subtitle and external SRT subtitle).

- Bugfix: The setting for disabling HD audio did not work in some specific

- Bugfix: ZOOM setting was not correctly remembered.

- Bugfix: When using virtual mouse, left mouse click by pressing "ENTER"
  button did not work in some cases.

- Bugfix: Improved stability of firmware updates downloading in case of
  problems with Internet connection.

- Bugfix: Pressing "INFO" RCU button in "Setup / Information" screen could
  cause a crash.

- Minor changes in the list of preinstalled applications.

- Minor other fixes and improvements.

Version "200415_0405_r14" (the latest stable version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175x_200415_0405_r14.dff
Changes since 200415_0404_r14:
This version is a minor update which only fixes the problem with menu
"Setup / Applications / Android Applications".

Version "200415_0404_r14" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175x_200415_0404_r14.dff
Changes since 200318_1131_r14:
This version is a small update for RealBox 4K model which adds Dune-HD.TV
application (for Russia only) and a few other improvements and fixes, which
were previously introduced in firmware version 200415_0403_r13 for other

Version "200318_1131_r14" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175x_200318_1131_r14.dff
Changes since 200318_1130_r14:
This version is a minor update which only fixes the problem with
non-working online subtitles (which was present in the firmware version

Version "200318_1130_r14"
Download: dune_firmware_tv175x_200318_1130_r14.dff
The first official version ever shipped with production players.