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Dune HD Real Vision 4K

Version "210415_1106_r17" (the latest stable version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175u_210415_1106_r17.dff
Changes since 210227_1632_r17:
• This version adds a lot of Dolby Vision related improvements, as well as some other improvements.

• New feature: Dolby Vision decoding and output is now supported also when playing all other popular file formats:
    • MKV P7 FEL single-track (dual-layer)
    • MP4 P7 FEL single-track (dual-layer)
    • TS P7 MEL/FEL single-track (dual-layer)
    • TS P4 MEL/FEL single-track (dual-layer)
    • MP4 P7 FEL dual-track
    • MP4 P7 MEL dual-track

• Dune HD media players now have the widest support for Dolby Vision file formats among all existing media players (all popular formats supported by any other media player are supported, and no other media player supports as many formats). The list of supported Dolby Vision file formats now includes:
    • Blu-ray disc images:
        • BDMV (Menu mode) P7 MEL/FEL
        • BDMV (Lite mode) P7 MEL/FEL
        • BD ISO (Menu mode) P7 MEL/FEL
        • BD ISO (Lite mode) P7 MEL/FEL
    • M2TS files:
        • M2TS P5
        • M2TS P7 MEL/FEL dual-track
        • M2TS P8
    • TS files:
        • TS P4 MEL/FEL single-track (dual-layer)
        • TS P5
        • TS P7 MEL/FEL single-track (dual-layer)
        • TS P8
    • MKV files:
        • MKV P4 MEL/FEL single-track (dual-layer)
        • MKV P5
        • MKV P7 MEL/FEL single-track (dual-layer)
        • MKV P8
    • MP4 files (this also includes MOV files):
        • MP4 P4 MEL/FEL single-track (dual-layer)
        • MP4 P5
        • MP4 P7 MEL/FEL single-track (dual-layer)
        • MP4 P7 MEL/FEL dual-track
        • MP4 P8 (this includes support for iPhone Dolby Vision MOV P8.4 files)
    • NOTE: In all cases, Dolby Vision extended information from the file is used and output to TV, i.e. it is a real playback of Dolby Vision video.

• New feature: Dune HD Dolby Vision Purifier engine. It optimizes and remuxes Dolby Vision video on-the-fly to make it as compatible with Realtek RTD1619 media processor as possible (completely preserving all the details of the original video streams). This helps to ensure stable playback and prevent playback problems (such as stuttering, hangups, A/V desync) caused by encoding issues in specific files and incompatibilities between these files and Realtek media processor. As the result, Dune HD media players have the most stable Dolby Vision playback among all RTD1619-based media players. It is especially useful when playing not the 100% exact images of Blu-ray discs, but various manually created and remuxed files, which are often created using non-professional tools and often have muxing errors and problems.

• Improvement: Fixed various problems with playback of various Dolby Vision files (with the help of the new Dune HD Dolby Vision Purifier engine).

• Improvement: HDMI CEC functionality rewrote to fix various problems (it was not working in many cases). HDMI CEC settings extended. Now you can control the media player by TV remote, configure if the media player should be switched on/off when the TV is switched on/off, and configure if the TV should be switched on/off when the player is switched on/off.

• Improvement: Built-in HDD format function extended to more properly support huge (12TB+) HDDs.

• Improvement: Built-in HDD format function improved to ensure better compatibility of the formatted HDDs with various operating systems.

• Improvement: Improved compatibility with NTFS and HFS+ HDDs formatted by various other devices and operating systems.

• Improvement: Optimized the read-write performance of NTFS and HFS+ HDDs.

• Improvement: Various small improvements and fixes in "HDMI Input" application. (For models with HDMI input.)

• Improvement: After settings reset, the initial setup screen shows a hint describing how to pair the Bluetooth remote.

• Bugfix: Jumping between chapters in Blu-ray menu could work wrongly in some cases.

• Bugfix: When playing files with DTS HD MA audio tracks, A/V desync could happen in some cases.

• Bugfix: When playing MKV files with ASS/SSA subtitles, playback crash could happen in some cases.

• Bugfix: Adjustment of picture brightness/contrast/saturation/hue did not work properly during Dolby Vision playback.

• Bugfix: Playback of DASH video streams by the internal player could wrongly handle some errors in the stream in some cases.

• SDK: New feature: the dune_param parameter "engine:3" can be used to force the use of Hi-Fi internal audio player.

• Minor other fixes and improvements.

Version "210227_1632_r17"
Download: dune_firmware_tv175u_210227_1632_r17.dff
The first official version ever shipped with production players.