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Version "200914_1539_r13" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175l_200914_1539_r13.dff
Changes since 200415_0403_r13:
- "Community" section in Dune Store ("Dune HD applications / Add..." menu),
  which provides access to applications and plugins developed by the
  community of users of Dune HD media players: changed the rules of showing
  this section in the menu in order to better match the currently available
  set of community plugins. This section is now shown in all CIS countries
  or when Russian UI language is used.

- Minor changes in the list of preinstalled applications.

- Minor other fixes and improvements.

- Also includes the following changes (previously added in 200810_1513_r13
  firmware version for some models).

- New feature: Realtek models: Added "Setup / Misc / Display / Brightness"
  setting which allows choosing the desired brightness of the front panel
  display, or switch off the display completely.
   - NOTE: This setting takes effect only after the player starts.

- Bugfix: Improved stability of firmware updates downloading in case of
  problems with Internet connection.

Version "200415_0403_r13" (the latest stable version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175l_200415_0403_r13.dff
Changes since 200331_2121_r13:
This version is a minor update which only fixes regressions appeared in
the previous version 200331_2121_r13.

- Reverted the changes in auto framerate logic (which were introduced in
  the previous firmware version) for preferring video modes with higher
  framerate (such as 50Hz video modes for 25Hz content), because these
  changes cause problems when using TV's motion smoothing function, and
  because of some other problems with optimal handling of specific сases.

- Bugfix: Playback of audio files could unexpectedly stop in some cases.

Version "200331_2121_r13" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175l_200331_2121_r13.dff
Changes since 200220_2020_r13:
This version is a small update which adds Dune-HD.TV application (for
Russia only) and a few other improvements and fixes.

- New feature: Added Dune-HD.TV application (available in "Dune HD
  applications" menu), which provides access to Dune-HD.TV TV and VOD
  service (available in Russia only).

- Improvement: Various minor improvements in autoframerate logic to better
  handle 4K video modes, to prefer video modes with higher framerate (when
  possible) for more smooth UI (for example 50Hz video modes for 25Hz
  content), and to better support some specific cases.

- Improvement: Realtek models: Improved support for playback of specific
  HTTP/TS streams, including better buffering handling and buffering
  progress indication and better compatibility with specific streams.

- Improvement: Realtek models: Added bitrate detection for HTTP/TS streams,
  improved bitrate detection for HLS streams.

- Improvement: Realtek models: Improved support for video codec detection.

- Improvement: "Skins" section of "Dune Store" (which was missing on all
  Android models) is now accessible via "Setup / Applications / Skins"

- New SDK features (for plugin developers):
  - Added a new "dune_param" parameter "frame_rate" (value example: 50000)
    which allows the plugin to specify the framerate of the media stream to
    be used by the autoframerate mechanism when the framerate detection
    built into the player does not work good for some reasons (currently
    needed and supported only on Amlogic models).
  - Improved handling of the case when a plugin shows a GUI dialog on
    "install" or "update" plugin actions.
  - Added files with the information about the firmware version which was
    installed on first boot or after settings reset:

- Updated/improved UI translations for some languages.

- Minor other fixes and improvements.

Version "200220_2020_r13"
Download: dune_firmware_tv175l_200220_2020_r13.dff
Changes since 191228_0342_r13:
This version is a small update which includes a few improvements and fixes.

- Bugfix: Photos with vertical orientiation were incorrectly shown in photo

- Bugfix: If an auto-updatable built-in plugin was hidden by deleting it in
  "Setup / Misc / Plugins", it was being restored and shown again after

- Bugfix: YouTube and Music apps: YouTube content could not be played in
  some cases.

- Bugfix: SmartBox 4K model: Online Subtitles feature did not work.

- "Dune HD" menu, which was added in the previous firmware update and which
  provides various information related to Dune HD (such as news, videos,
  user manuals and various other information about Dune HD media player
  models) is updated to the latest improved version. Improvements: 
  - New items are marked as read immediately when focused (w/o the need to
    open the item).
  - Minor bug fixes and internal improvements.

- Minor other fixes and improvements.

Version "191228_0342_r13" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175l_191228_0342_r13.dff
Changes since 190913_0244_r13:
This version is a small update which includes a few improvements and fixes.

- Added automatic use of SmartYouTube Android app instead of the default
  YouTube Android app. This feature is enabled when the new setting "Setup
  / Applications / Android Applications/ Use SmartYouTube as YouTube" is
  set to "Yes". It is set to "Yes" by default on Amlogic models (in order
  to fix the problem with the default YouTube Android app is often not
  working on Amlogic models), and is to "No" by default on Realtek models.

- YouTube support in YouTube PHP plugin and Movies and Music applications
  updated to include some fixes.

- Bugfix: The menu "TV" could not work properly in some cases.

- Bugfix: "DISCRETE POWER OFF" IR code (used in some smart home
  integrations) could be handled wrongly in some cases.

- Bugfix: Realtek models: Fixed the problem that switching the player off
  using Bluetooth remote did not work in some cases.

  Bugfix: Realtek models: Resuming playback of some video files was very
  slow in some cases after playing these files with enabled subtitles.

- Bugfix: Realtek models: Playback error message could be shown in some
  cases when stopping the playback too quickly after time seeking.

- Bugfix: Models with Hi-Fi audio output (Ultra 4K and Max 4K): Fixed
  several bugs in the handling of Hi-Fi audio output and XMOS, which could
  lead to audio not not playing in certain cases (for example after playing
  video in Blu-ray menu mode, or after using Android applications).

- Bugfix: Models with Hi-Fi audio output (Ultra 4K and Max 4K): when
  playing SACD ISO (DSD) files, they could be wrongly played via the
  regular player rather than via Hi-Fi player.

- Bugfix: Pro 4K model (revisions tv292a and tv292b): Fixed the problem
  that USB 3.0 port could work with USB 2.0 performance.

- Bugfix: Neo 4K, Neo 4K T2, Neo 4K T2 Plus, Sky 4K Plus models (revisions
  tv173b, tv174a, tv174b, tv274a): Fixed the problem that storage devices
  formatted into ExFAT filesystem did not work in some cases.

- Minor improvements in the text messages and icon of "Setup / Misc /
  Support" menu.

- Removed some unsupported / non-working items from the setup menu.

- Updated/improved UI translations for some languages.

- Minor other fixes and improvements.

Version "190913_0244_r13" (BETA version)
Download: dune_firmware_tv175l_190913_0244_r13.dff
Changes since 190718_2323_r13:
This version includes various new features, improvements and fixes.
In particular, this version includes new "Online Subtitles" feature
(possibility to download subtitles from Internet directly during file
NOTE: There were a lot of internal changes, so this version probably
includes some bugs (will be fixed in further versions).

Version "190718_2323_r13"
Download: dune_firmware_tv175l_190718_2323_r13.dff
Changes since 190718_2320_r13:
Added correct support for minor hardware changes (changed type of the
Remote) in the recent batches of SmartBox 4K (which are shipped starting
with Dec/2019).

Version "190718_2320_r13"
Download: dune_firmware_tv175l_190718_2320_r13.dff
The first official version ever shipped with production players.