Dune HD AV1 4K

The world's first set-top box with support for AV1 video codec

The latest codecs

AV1 and VP9 Profile 2 (VP9 HDR) are extremely important for the future full support of YouTube 4K HDR and other OTT / VOD services

Traffic saver

AV1 saves up to 50% of traffic compared to HEVC (at the same level of video quality), which allows you to offload the Internet channel and save on traffic

Picture quality

AV1 provides better picture quality at the same bitrate compared to any other video codecs

Android 10.0

The latest version of Android 10.0 (Android TV / AOSP) provides support for the latest features and the best compatibility with applications

Key Features

  • The world's first STB with support for the latest AV1 video codec
  • Exceptionally high picture quality due to the latest Realtek RTD1319 media processor
  • Support for the latest video standards: 4Kp60, AV1, VP9 Profile 2, HEVC 10-bit, HDMI 2.1, HDR10+, DolbyVision*
  • 3 internal antennas for maximum Wi-Fi (802.11ac 2T2R) and Bluetooth performance
  • USB 3.1 port, 1 Gbit Ethernet port*
  • Advanced DRM technology: Widevine Level 1, Verimatrix*
  • Android 10.0 (AOSP / Android TV)

The latest Realtek RTD1319 media processor

The latest USB 3.1 standard

The latest HDMI 2.1 standard

2 separate antennas for Wi-Fi 2T2R ac

Separate Bluetooth antenna

1 Gigabit Ethernet port*

Software features

  • A wide selection of middleware clients: Android application, HTML portal, Dune HD plugin
  • Millions of Android apps (YouTube, Chrome, etc.)
  • Dune JavaScript STB API for HTML Portals
  • Dune HD GUI with PHP API for Dune HD plugins, advanced Dune HD media center
  • Advanced mobile app for iOS/Android
  • Remote monitoring and service management


  • CPU: ARM Cortex A55, 4 cores
  • GPU: Mali-G31 (OpenGL ES 3.2)
  • OS: Linux-based Dune HD OS + Android 10.0 (AOSP / Android TV)
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Flash memory: 16 GB (option: 32 GB or more)
  • Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbps*; or 10/100 Mpbs
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n/ac DualBand 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz, 2T2R
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.x/5.x
  • Antennas: 3 internal antennas (2T2R Wi-Fi + Bluetooth), high performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Connectors: 1x USB 3.1, HDMI 2.1, composite video and analog stereo audio (via 3.5mm A/V connector), Ethernet, 5V power connector
  • 4K support: 4Kp60 decoding, 4Kp60 output, HDR10+, DolbyVision*, HDMI 2.1 (up to 4Kp60)
  • Video codecs: AV1 (4Kp60), VP9 Profile 2, HEVC (H.265) 10-bit, H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG1, WMV, VC1
  • Audio codecs: AAC, MPEG I Layer 1/2/3, MPEG II Layer 1/2, LPCM, ADPCM, Vorbis, FLAC, ALAC, DD/DD+/TrueHD*, DTS/DTS HD*
  • DRM: HLS AES, Widevine L1, Verimatrix*
  • Remote Control: IR, Bluetooth*

* Optional feature
Dune HD