Getting started

Perform the following steps:

  1. Please read the Quick Start Guide document corresponding to your Dune player model. The Quick Start Guide document contains, in particular, the information about all connectors/ports and other elements of the player.

  2. Remove the transparent protecting film from the front panel of the player to ensure good look of the player.

  3. Ensure the RC has batteries installed.

  4. Connect the player to your TV and to other A/V equipment in an appropriate way. Use Digital A/V output connection to get the best possible quality of video and audio. Make sure to switch off the player and all relevant A/V equipment before connecting them. Ensure your TV and other A/V equipment are configured to use proper inputs.

  5. Switch on the player.

    The player will perform its initial loading procedure, which may take some time (usually up to 30 seconds). During the loading procedure, "DUNE" logo should be shown on the TV.

    If you do not see "DUNE" logo on the TV when you switch on the player, it may mean some problem with the connection between the player and the TV or that a wrong video input is chosen in the TV or A/V receiver/switch. In such a case, recheck the cables and the settings of the TV or A/V receiver/switch, or try to use different cables or a different way of connecting the player to the TV.

    If you see "DUNE" logo on the TV when you switch on the player, but then the picture disappears and no other picture appears during at least 10 seconds, it may mean that a wrong video output mode is configured in the player. In such a case, press the MODE RC button, and then press one of the RC buttons 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 to switch to a different video output mode (see "Quick Setting of Video Output Mode").

  6. To choose the language of the player menu, use "Setup / General / Interface language" setting.

  7. Check here for updated versions of player firmware (which may improve player functioning and extend player possibilities): firmware.