Entering Text with Remote Control

Generally, entering text is carried out the same way as with most cell phones.

  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: Enter a character to the position pointed by the cursor.

    • First press: enter the first character from a set of characters related to this button. Each subsequent press: you may change the entered character to the next one from this set.

    • 0: enter the space.

    • 1: enter a special character (punctuation marks, etc).

      • Up, Down, Left, Right after pressing 1 (special character entering mode): select the required character.
  • ENTER: confirm selection; finish text entering.

  • SUBTITLE: enter the period (for numeric mode); functions like button 1 (character mode).

  • CLEAR (<-): delete a character to the left of cursor.

  • SELECT (cap|num): switch input mode:

    • abc: character mode, small latin letters.
    • ABC: character mode, capital latin letters.
    • 123: numeric mode, digits.
  • RETURN: cancel the text changes and finish text entering.

  • Left/Right: move the cursor one character left/right.

  • Up/Down: move the cursor to the start/end of a text line.

    • If the cursor is already in start/end position: select another user interface element which is under/over the current text entry area (only for dialogs with several elements of user interface; text changes are confirmed automatically).
  • POP UP MENU: show context menu with a list of available commands. They allow you to cut, copy and paste text using the clipboard, much like it is done on a PC.