Dune Firmware Zone

My Collection

General Information

My Collection is a Jukebox application built-in into the firmware of Dune HD media players for automatic indexing and nice visualization of movies collections.

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Supported Models

My Collection is available on the following Dune HD media player models:


The following features are provided:

How To Use

My Collection functionality is available via "My Collection" item at the top level of the main menu.

Perform the following steps to start using it:

  1. Add some folder to My Collection.
  2. Index the folder added to My Collection.
  3. Revise the matches between files and movies (optional).
  4. All is done -- start browsing your collection.

Additional Screenshots

Web Interface for My Collection

The following plugin provides the possibility to browse the content of My Collection in web browser on a PC, and also to export it as CSV or Excel file. Instruction:

The table shows the following columns: You can use this table, in particular, for the following:


My Collection has the following limitations. Improvements in these ares are planned in future versions of My Collection: