Supported Player Models

The following Dune HD player models can be used as Presenters in Dune HD Network system. The specified firmware version should be used (the factory-default firmare version does not support Dune HD Network at all).


NOTE: To use any player as a Presenter, the player should have a special "HDNetwork"-enabled license installed.


Dune HD Network user guide:


PC software

PC software that can be used with Dune HD Network system:


Service files

Service files for Dune HD players that can be useful when using Dune HD Network system:

  • Service file to set password for FTP access to Dune HD players:
    • dune_service_set_ftp_password.dsf
    • To assign FTP password to Dune HD player: create "ftp_password.txt" file near the DSF file with just one line of text (FTP password), run the DSF file on Dune HD player. The FTP password is applied immediately and is kept after player reboot/power-off.
    • To remove FTP password from Dune HD player: remove "ftp_password.txt" file near the, run the DSF file on Dune HD player.
    • To configure Dune HD Network Control Center application to use FTP password when connecting to Dune HD players: create "hdnetwork_ftp.txt" file in the directory where you run the application (near "hdnetwork.cfg" file), the file should contain two lines of text: the first line is FTP user name (should be "ftp"), and the second line is FTP password.
  • Service files to disable/reenable SMB access to Dune HD players: