Dune HD Media Center App

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Dune HD Media Center app provides access to advanced Dune HD Media Center functions on the following compatible media players:

How to install

Note: Direct installation from Google Play Store is not supported yet, it will be supported later.

To install Dune HD Media Center app, use any file manager app to install the following APK file:

For example, you can use "File Manager" app this way:

  1. Copy the APK file to a USB drive and attach the USB drive to the media player.

  2. Launch "Google Play Store", type "file manager" in the Search field, choose and install "File Manager" app:
  3. Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store:
  4. Launch "File manager" app, allow it to access USB drives, and use it to install the APK from the USB drive:

Recommended audio settings

Important audio settings:

Recommended settings for Dune HD Media Center:

Depending on these settings, Dune HD Media Center can play the following Dolby / DTS / PCM formats:

If you want to use S/PDIF output, note the following limitation:

If you use Netflix and want to output Atmos in Netflix:

Recommended video settings

For automatic framerate and resolution switching according to played content, use the following settings (they affect only playback of video in Dune HD media center):

If you want faster playback start and stop (no video mode switching), set both settings to OFF.

Automatic Dolby Vision / HDR format switching according to played content:

How to use remote

Google-certified remotes may have a limited number of buttons and lack some buttons previously present on standard Dune remotes. However, you can still use all functions of Dune HD Media Center using only UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER (also know as OK or ENTER), and BACK (also know as RETURN) buttons.

Main functions of buttons of the remote when using Dune HD Media Center:

Universal remotes and Google IR codes

Google-certified Bluetooth remotes and Google-certified Dune HD media players with built-in IR receiver use Google IR codes (Dune HD IR codes are not supported).

iOS and Android mobile apps

You can use Dune Control mobile app on iOS and Android phones and tablets to conveniently control Dune HD media center.

Additionally, you can use the following mobile apps on your iOS/Android phones and tablets:

How to use SMB client

Dune HD Media Center includes a built-in SMB client, which allows you to access files on SMB file servers (such as NAS, PC or any other device with SMB server function). You can launch files or copy files from the SMB file server. Access is read-only.

To connect to a SMB server, there are two options:

SMB client supports SMB 1.x/2.x/3.x protocol versions. For best performance, it is recommended to use SMB 2.x/3.x. SMB client chooses SMB 2.x/3.x automatically when supported by the server.

If connection to SMB server does not work, try to enable SMB 1.x and NTLM v1 support in SMB server settings. (And keep SMB 2.x/3.x enabled too.)

How to use NFS client

Dune HD Media Center includes a built-in NFS client, which allows you to access files on NFS file servers (such as NAS, PC or any other device with NFS server function). You can launch files or copy files from the NFS file server. Access is read-only.

To connect to a NFS server, there are two options:

NFS client uses non-privileged port number, so you need to ensure your NFS server allows connections from non-privileged ports. See here for more details.

How to use built-in SMB file server

Dune HD Media Center includes a built-in SMB file server which provides access to connected storage devices (such as USB HDDs) and internal memory from local network.

SMB server supports SMB 2.x/3.x protocol versions and uses non-privileged port number (10445). This port number is not standard, so you need to connect to it in a special way: connect manually using IP address and port number. On Windows, port forwarding should be used. See here for more details.

SMB server settings (such as SMB server name and password protection) can be configured in "Setup / Applications / SMB server" menu.

Functions in development

The following functions are currently in development and will become available later:

Besides, other improvements and additional features are in development and will be included into future versions.

How to boot directly to Dune HD Media Center

You can disable the default Android TV launcher ("Android TV Home" app). In this case, Dune HD Media Center will become the launcher, and the media player will boot automatically into Dune HD Media Center. This can be done using "ADB" software.

Instructions how to disable the default Android TV launcher:

  1. Enable ADB access: Go to "Android System Settings / Device Preferences / About", choose "Android TV OS Version" and press the center button on the remote 5 times. You will see a message "You are now a developer".
  2. Install ADB software on a PC or directly on the media player:
  3. Perform the following command in ADB:
    pm disable-user com.google.android.tvlauncher

If you want later to restore the default Android TV launcher, perform the following command in ADB:

Functions requiring Internet connection

Some functions require Internet connection to verify Dune HD license:

  1. Internet connection is required once at first start of Dune HD Media Center.
  2. Internet connection is required to play some Dolby Vision formats (DV P7).
  3. In the future, the set of functions which require Internet connection may change.

App versions

See here the information about app versions and changes: