Benefits for Operators

Wide range of customization options

Dune HD offers operators many options for integration and customization, for example:

  • Opera, Webkit or Access Netfron browser
  • Flash or html5

Ready-to-go customer base

With over half a million units sold around the world Dune HD offers a ready-to-go customer base with the ability to add services to previously sold products. The Dune HD automated firmware update system. Makes this a smooth, seamless process, allowing operator access to an Dune-enthused customer base actively seeking new services.

Easy purchasing model

Operators can choose to work directly with existing sales channels of Dune HD, purchasing directly from Dune HD local offices or distributors. No large minimum purchases are required.

Higher margins for premium-class models

Dune HD allows Operators to obtain higher margins on top-rated products in contrast to low-priced commodity IPTV set-top- boxes. As well as entry-level IPTV players, Dune HD offers a middle and high range of hybrid solutions with support for Blu-ray and Digital TV (Satellite/Cable/TV) allowing Operators to offer more value while earning increased margin.

We can sell your service for you

Existing chain store sales and e-commerce sales channels provide the option to cover most retail markets in most countries. It is also possible to sell our Home Media Players with operator services pre-installed, offering firmware upgrades for the existing installed base. Let Dune HD be your sales channel.

Fast service integration to retail product

Our approach is based on a customizable retail-ready user interface. Dune HDs Home Media Player/ STB API allows integration all the main features of IPTV/VOD services without changes on the server side (chosen middleware). A small software layer is written between the STB (client) API and server API. This runs on the STB side with the Server side unaffected. The benefits are the same as a Thick client approach but with extremely fast middleware integration