File Browser

Using File Browser

The file browser allows browsing of all files and folders available. Browsing starts from the Main screen (also called the root folder), which includes subdivisions corresponding to connected drives and network resources.

You can use the following RC buttons:

  • Up: Select the previous file/folder from the list. Move the cursor to the area of the current path indication (in case the selection is on the first element of the list).

  • Down: Select the next file/folder from the list.

  • Left/Right: Depending on the chosen menu style, navigate the icon grid or perform the same function as the ENTER/RETURN buttons respectively.

  • P+: Select a file from the top of the page / move one page up.

  • P-: Select a file from the bottom of the page / move one page down.

  • RETURN: Return to the main (root) folder.

  • ENTER:

    • Enter the folder (when selected).
    • Start playback of the selected media file.
    • Show the selected picture.
    • Start playback of a folder with video disc content.
    • Start firmware update (in case a firmware file is selected).
  • PLAY:

    • Start playing of all media files in the current folder (except for the files in subfolders) starting from the current file (you need to select a starting file using arrow buttons).
    • Start playback of a folder with video disc content.
    • Start playback of all files in the selected folder, including files in subfolders, in alphabetical order.
    • Start playback of all marked files (in the same order as displayed).
  • POP UP MENU: Show context menu with a list of available additional commands for the selected file/folder and the current folder. Using the context menu allows you to execute the following commands:

    • Display information on the selected file/folder (also allows to test file reading speed).
    • Open a folder with video disc content (browse folder content instead of starting the playback).
    • Mark or unmark the selected file/folder.
    • Mark or unmark all files/folders in the current folder.
    • Delete marked file(s)/folder(s).
    • Copy marked file(s)/folder(s) (files/folders names are put to the clipboard).
    • Cut marked file(s)/folder(s) (files/folders names are put to the clipboard).
    • Paste previously copied/cut files/folders from the clipboard to the current folder (i.e. perform copying/moving of files/folders).
    • Refresh the current folder contents.
    • Create a folder.
    • Create a network folder (only on Main screen).
    • Change network folder definition.
    • Delete network folder.
    • Sort files in the current folder.
  • SELECT: Mark or unmark the selected file/folder, then move the selection to the next file/ folder in the list.

  • CLEAR (<-): Delete the selected file/folder or marked files/folders (a confirmation is requested).

  • INFO: Display information on files/folders or the selected drive (also allows to test the file reading speed).

  • ANGLE/ROTATE: Refresh the contents of the current folder.

  • REPEAT: Return to the Main screen (the root folder) of the file browser.

  • SETUP: Switch to the Setup menu.

  • MODE: Switch to the quick setting of video output mode.

  • A (Red): (being pressed three times sequentially): Generate a debug dump in the current folder.

Marking Files and Folders

To execute operations with several files/folders at the same time, you may mark these files/folders.

  • Use SELECT button on your RC or commands of the context menu.
  • You may mark files/folders only within the current folder. In case of switching to another folder, the information on marks will be reset.

Copying and Moving Files and Folders

Copying and moving files/folders is performed using the clipboard, much like it is done on a PC.

  • To copy files/folders you need first to copy them to the clipboard, then go to the target folder and perform the Paste action.
  • To move files/folders, you should first cut them to the clipboard, then go to the target folder and perform the Paste action.
  • Cut, Copy and Paste actions may be executed using the context menu.
  • In case of copying or moving a folder, its content will be copied/moved entirely, including all subfolders and their contents.
  • To copy or move several files/folders at once, you should mark these files/folders.
  • In case of moving files/folders within a single partition of a drive, there is no physical copying of the data (only the directory information is updated on the drive), files/folders are moved to the new location instantly. In case of moving files/folders between different partitions or different drives, files/folders will be first copied to the new location, and then deleted from the old location.
  • During copying you should not unplug the player or disconnect the drive. Otherwise the information loss may occur.